Mental Health Monday Supports the FitBloggin’ Community with the Part We Don’t Talk About

By Liz Paul and Stephanie Oxenford If you’ve attended FitBloggin' you know that the conference and the community is about much more than fitness. It is a supportive space where people gather together with the common goal of wellness in mind, body, and spirit. See the 2015 Recaps! At FitBloggin' 15 this year, we lead a session called Mind Games: Depression, Anxiety, and Healthy Living. During … [Read more...]

Refreshing Blueberry Lemonade from Fitbloggin’s Food Photography Session

I've had the pleasure of speaking at Fitbloggin' five times, but I think this year in Denver will go down as my favorite. Sharing the stage with one of my dearest friends, Kacy Meinecke (a first timer!), we served up an interactive, educational, downright fun session about food photography and blogging. And delicious, let's not forget how delicious that hour was! You can see the live blog recap … [Read more...]

Liveblog (small group discussion): Eat, Move, Love

The path to health has a lot of dead ends, detours, and wrong turns. And no one is handing out maps. So what’s a well-intentioned person to do? If you’re like most of us, you’ve tried to keep up with one too many strict diets, 2-hour-a-day workout plans, and total kitchen overhauls — all while working a full-time job, keeping your kids from killing each other, or managing your own business. Maybe … [Read more...]

The Weight-Wellness Evolution: How One Big Brand Responds To Consumers

“A Change Will Do You Good…”  How does a food brand stay relevant after 60 years? Do you stay true to your core positioning or do you change for the good?  Perhaps it is both? Stacey Krawczyk, MS, RD, is the Sr. Nutrition Marketing Business Partner for Special K and the Kellogg Company. She led this session. Kellogg – Nutrition That Matters Exciting time right now to be in the food … [Read more...]

Live Blog: PostureFit Workout

posturefit workout | fitbloggin 2015

Dr. Liz Welch, the founder of PostureFit, is a chiropractor and posture expert. She, along with her brother Tom, developed the PostureFit Bar after noticing a disturbing trend toward poor health and posture in her patients. Knowing these bad habits would lead to detrimental health conditions, she created the innovative PostureFit Bar and she was excited to share with Fitbloggin attendees!  As … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Finding the Medium Between XS and XL: Exploring the Controversy Between Fat and Skinny Shaming 

This session was a panel discussion led by Jackelyn Ho  with panelists Carla Birnberg, Kia M. Ruiz, Sarah Bramblette and Martha Koeske.  The session focused on body shaming and body acceptance.  As a society, we need to get this conversation started and keep the momentum going to affect change.  As human beings, we should invest our energy in lifting each other up and empowering each other - not … [Read more...]