Mental Health Monday Supports the FitBloggin’ Community with the Part We Don’t Talk About

By Liz Paul and Stephanie Oxenford If you’ve attended FitBloggin' you know that the conference and the community is about much more than fitness. It is a supportive space where people gather together with the common goal of wellness in mind, body, and spirit. See the 2015 Recaps! At FitBloggin' 15 this year, we lead a session called Mind Games: Depression, Anxiety, and Healthy Living. During … [Read more...]

Live Blog: How to Train for Your First Marathon and Survive!

Angela and her husband, Willie, lost a combined 500 pounds.  She fell in love with running and blogs about a new healthy life at! Have you ever thought about running a marathon? Crossing the finish line of a marathon is possible! Learn some helpful tips for getting through 26.2! Stacie Wells from gives you the details on running your first marathon. How … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Motivating Your Community To Choose Healthy Lifestyles

How do WE as bloggers motivate and inspire those around us to choose a healthy lifestyle? This breakout group discussed the ways in which we can reach out to those around us by using techniques and theories regarding change and motivation both on social media and IN PERSON. About the Speaker: Andrea Wenzel Andrea Wenzel is a third year medical student at Indiana University School of … [Read more...]

LiveBlog: Growing an Online Community Through Twitter with Amy Lupold Bair

Amy Lupold Bair, blogger, social media marketer, and mom, is the founder of Resourceful Mommy Media. In 2008, Amy burst onto the social media scene inventing the Twitter Party – a hashtagged social event with panelists and a conversational theme catering to the needs of clients and communities. Today she's discussing how to grow an online community through Twitter. “I tweet incessantly,” … [Read more...]

It’s FitBloggin’ not CliqBloggin’!

Please welcome our next guest poster Katy Widrick. Katy is a fitness blogger extraordinaire and Executive Producer for The Bolder Media Group. Connecting with people who share our viewpoints, can support us through challenges and cheer us on -- well, that's the reason we all blog, right? And that's certainly what events like Fitbloggin' are all about. But there's a a fine line between … [Read more...]