How To Be The Blogger Brands Want to Work With

For bloggers looking to increase their income the answer is rarely about finding a new ad network or signing up for latest affiliate program. Brand work is on the rise and companies are starting to see the value in aligning with bloggers who fit their target demographic. - by Jamie and Alyse Session begins: Working with a brand is a lot like dating. The first date – how to get your pitch … [Read more...]

Liveblog/Panel: The Laughing Cow Community Leader Model: Exploring the Relationship Between Blogger and Brand

During this session, Laughing Cow community leaders will talk about how the relationship with The Laughing Cow brand works within their own brand/persona and how they work together. They will also share their experiences working with brands to teach audience members how to support and engage in a community, whether Laughing Cow or other consumer brands. Panelists include: Patricia Bannan, … [Read more...]