Speakers 2014

  • Adam Bate - @bodybybate

    Adam Bate

    Adam Bate has been involved with blogging and the web since 2003 when he started a web services business, Websavers Inc., which helps bloggers host and promote their website and online presence. However, his start in the healthy living and fitness world came only in 2013.

    In January 2013 Adam rallied his entire family to join together in changing their lives for the better. With a combined weight loss of over 100 pounds, Adam documented the entire process through a podcast — a medium he quickly fell in love with. By the end of 2013, Adam had lost 40 pounds, ran his first full marathon, became a certified personal trainer, and turned a hobby and passion into a business with the launch of The Lifestyle Accountability Show, a daily podcast with inspiring interviews with everyday people who make health and fitness a priority. The aim is to help people stay motivated and accountable by sharing the stories of others. This is Adam’s first Fitbloggin’ and he is really fired up to be speaking at the event on advanced podcasting strategies.

    You can find Adam on TwitterFacebookGoogle Plus and AdamBate.com.

  • Alan Ali - @sweating_it_off

    Alan Ali

    Alan Ali is the guy behind the blog Sweating Until Happy. On his blog, he shares his journey from weighing 480 lbs to finding his health and happiness. With the support of his social media family and a positive attitude, he has lost over 140 pounds to date.

    When this self-proclaimed “selfie expert” isn’t playing with his nieces and nephews, cooking or blogging, you can usually find him in the gym working toward his 2014 goals of completing his second Tough Mudder race, his first half-marathon and becoming a triathlete.

    You can find Alan at YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

  • Alana Platt - @MyWellnessMngr

    Alana Platt
    Alana Platt is an assistant professor of information technology at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater.  She earned her Ph.D from the Illinois Institute of Technology in computer science, with an emphasis on data mining and human and computer interactions.

    As a graduate student, Alana developed a chronic illness that caused her to make significant lifestyle changes.  Alana used her research experience to gain greater insight into managing her health via exercise, a better diet and a healthier lifestyle.  As her health improved, she realized that her expertise could be leveraged to help others improve their wellness.  From this realization, the MyWellnessManager app was born!

    When she’s not lecturing at UWW, doing research or helping people live healthier one app download at a time, Alana enjoys:  running, sushi, Zumba, cooking, hiking, craft beer, yoga, bubble baths, Star Trek and a good book.
    You can find Alana at her websiteTwitterFacebook, or email.
  • Alexandra Williams - @Alexandrafunfit

    Alexandra Williams

    Alexandra Williams has been teaching, mentoring, presenting, emceeing, editing and writing for over 30 years. Currently teaching in the Deptartment of Exercise Studies at UC Santa Barbara, she is a former contributing editor and writer for IDEA Fitness Journal, columnist for AAA Westways magazine, and frequent freelance writer and guest blogger for numerous print and online health sites.

    Alexandra co-hosts the online radio show, “Fun and Fit” with her twin sister Kymberly, as well as appearing with her on television and radio programs. Alexandra has presented workshops on writing, business, social media and fitness around the world. Alexandra is also a former judge for international aerobic championships. Her advanced degree in systemic counseling has helped her more fully understand the power of words and thoughts, and how those can help effect change in people.

    You can find Alexandra on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Google Plus, YouTube and Pinterest.

  • Allie Burdick - @vitatrain4life

    Allie Burdick

    Allie Burdick is a sweat addict and gets her fix through running, cycling and chasing after her 5-year-old twin boys.  Since 2000, Allie has worked in some aspect of the fitness industry, from fitness director at a large club to owning a private personal training and group fitness studio. Allie has run five marathons (including Boston), countless other distances, and has competed in triathlons, adventure races and at the national and world level of competition in duathalons.

    Allie’s blog, VITA – Train for Life, is all about hard work and motivation with a healthy kick of snark.  She posts a weekly “rundown” report of all her running, cycling, fueling and racing updates with a smattering of TV, music and a random thought of the week. Allie teaches three weekly fitness classes near her home in the Northeast where she and her husband like to live it up big!

    You can find Allie on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google Plus.

  • Andre Smith - @missionmeltdown

    Andre Smith

    Andre Smith is the blogger behind Mission Meltdown, the ramblings of a large man on the bumpy road to health. As an online manager, video chief and visual journalist in the newspaper industry, Andre has helped equip journalists with the skills needed to produce high-quality video projects using traditional video cameras, DSLRs, and smartphones.

    When he is not chasing his passion for visual journalism, he can be found photographing sports and portraits, or pursuing web-development projects. His work has been published in Time magazine, USA Today and USAToday.com, SI.com, The Washington Post, The New York Times, and a host of other publications. This is Andre’s third year attending FitBloggin’ and he is excited to be leading his first small group discussion,  Taking Your Smartphone Video to the Next Level.

    You can find Andre on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Andrea Matthes - @imperfectlife2

    Andrea Matthes

    Andrea Matthes describes herself as a kickass whole-foods cook, badass certified personal trainer and CrossFit coach, and an ANTI-hardass when it comes to living life.  She is on a mission to inspire others to live their own “I’mperfect Life” by embracing REAL FOOD, REAL FITNESS and REAL LIFE on her blog and coaching website www.imperfectlife.net.

    Andrea has lost 164 pounds with a jumpstart from gastric bypass surgery followed by a complete lifestyle overhaul.  Over the past few years Andrea has come to recognize her strengths and her needs (AKA weaknesses) and has learned to use both to her advantage.  She chooses to appreciate and celebrate her strengths while taking advantage of her “needs” to practice her OUTSTANDING problem-solving skills, motivating her to do more and be better.

    Andrea also happens to be hilarious and entertaining, and she uses these skills to engage others both on her blog and at speaking engagements. She can be found on Facebook (strength), Twitter (need) and Instagram (another need). She’s looking forward to improving her social media skills at FitBloggin’.

  • Anita Mirchandani - @FitNutAnita

    Anita Mirchandani

    Anita Mirchandani, MS, RD, CDN, received a B.A. from NYU and a M.S. in clinical nutrition from NYU. After finishing her studies and completing a dietetic internship at New York-Presbyterian hospital in 2011, Anita is now a practicing registered dietitian. Anita also maintains current fitness certifications in indoor cycling, kickboxing, group exercise, and personal training.

    In 2011, Anita co-founded FitMapped, a “trip advisor” for fitness and Sweat Sync, a social platform for fitness seekers. She currently contributes to Huff Post Blog, Examiner.com and other publications.

    You can find Anita on Twitter at  @FitNutAnita or @FiTMAPPED for the latest in nutrition and fitness content.

  • Beth Klein - @bethsjourneytt

    Beth Klein

    Beth Klein is the writer behind Beth’s Journey, a blog dedicated to weight loss and weight maintenance while still embracing life as a foodie and wine lover. Beth lost 88 pounds through Weight Watchers and has been a lifetime member since 2011. She now runs meetings for them as a leader and absolutely loves facilitating discussions about anything related to weight and food, and everything in between.

    Beth lives in Washington, DC, where she has been since college and now considers it home. During the day, she works as the director of corporate relations at an educational nonprofit. Outside of work, she loves trying new restaurants, going to live comedy and music, and figuring out how to balance all of that while maintaining her weight loss.

    You can find Beth on Beth’s Journey, Facebook and Twitter.

  • Bobby Brooks - @realdoublebee

    Bobby Brooks

    Bobby Brooks is a fun-loving, can’t-sit-still, try-something-new-every-day guy who took this mantra to heart when making the decision to leave his career of 12-plus years in the defense industry for a life where he was in the driver’s seat. His knowledge of programming and endless thirst for figuring things out has helped him build a new career as an independent WordPress consultant.

    In the past two years he has provided WordPress development and enhancement services for small- and medium-size businesses all around the country. This journey wouldn’t be possible without the balance of healthy living — something that didn’t always come so naturally. After living most of his adult life overweight and lost in the everyday grind, Bobby decided it was time to make a change. But it wasn’t going to be done the easy way. Always looking to press the limits and live outside the comfort zone, Bobby sought out CrossFit. After 18 months of determination, hard work, and eating kale by the truck load, he is a new man. His transformation was so inspirational that his box featured him as one of their Empowerment Stories. He is also now a CrossFit Level 1 trainer. This also was the driving force behind his blog RealDoubleBee.com.

    As a husband and father of two girls, Bobby hopes to continue to inspire, be active, and live a life of no limits and no excuses.

  • Brandi Koskie - @BrandiK

    Brandi Koskie

    Brandi Koskie is a dynamic personality in the digital publishing space and a respected health journalist, social marketer, and brand manager. Brandi is the editorial strategist for Evomail, a tech start-up producing a competitive modern mail app. As well, she continues into her seventh year as director of publishing for the leading health destination DietsInReview.com. Personally, Brandi launched the web’s first IVF fundraiser site, BabyOrBust.com, where she “begged” the Internet for money in exchange for bearing all about her (successful) test-tube-baby making. Her story has been featured on the CBS Early Show, NPR’s StoryCorps, the book “Budgeting for Infertility,” Conceive Magazine, ABC News, and the Johnson’s Baby “Moments of Joy” campaign.

    Brandi lives in Wichita, Kansas, with her husband and daughter, where she gets most of her exercise being a human swing set for the toddler. Brandi has a journalism degree from the University of Oklahoma and is, of course, working on her first book.

  • Chris Backhouse - @InSpiral_Coach

    Chris Backhouse

    Chris is a health, nutrition and lifestyle coach originally from England. After a 23-year career in the British Royal Air Force as a vehicle technician Chris “retired” and re-trained as a life coach. He set up his business, InSpiral Coaching in 2006 while he was traveling the roads of North America in a motor home with his wife. Since then he has also trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and is a board certified health & nutrition coach.

    Chris now calls Lake Country, British Columbia, his home along with his wife and puppy. He hikes the hills and paddles the lakes of British Columbia. Chris blogs at InSpiral Coaching on promoting a healthy, balanced lifestyle from physical activity and nutrition to relationships and career, sharing stories, hosting motivational challenges and sharing recipes, hints and tips to achieve our own optimum health – whatever that may look like.

    You can find Chris on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Christina Outlay - @fitscholar

    Christina Outlay

    Christina Outlay is an IT geek and a gym rat, desperately seeking balance between the two. She is an assistant professor of information technology in the business school at a major Midwest university where she also researches the uses of technology for health and wellness.

    Christina is a certified group fitness instructor by the Aerobics and Fitness Association of America and teaches multiple group fitness formats such as cardio kickboxing, strength training, dance fitness, youth fitness, small group functional training and suspension training. Christina’s blog, FIT Scholar – Fitness and Information Technology, provides information about the uses of information technology by fitness enthusiasts, professionals and organizations. She typically writes about mobile apps, software, videos and other resources of interest, as well as ways fitness enthusiasts can use information technology to deliver fitness and nutritional information to clients. She is also currently developing a mobile application and website as well as a nutritional application interface.

    This is Christina’s first FitBloggin’ experience. She is thrilled to share her journey through researching, developing and testing mobile apps.

    You can find Christina on FacebookTwitterInstagram and Pinterest.

  • Dan Morris - @danrmorris

    Dan Morris

    Dan R Morris, founder of Blogging Concentrated, a nationwide blogging workshop series for advanced level bloggers, has been working in the online space since 2004. His career began in the infomercial world helping convert traffic driven from TV and radio spots into online customers. He has since worked with hundreds of bloggers on perfecting their online revenue strategy using social media, SEO and web copy.

    Dan speaks at online marketing conferences around the globe, writes SEO and marketing curricula for schools and at LettersFromDan.com and runs a variety of mastermind groups and one-on-one consulting relationships through his FreeWeeklyMastermind Facebook group. He was also recently featured in Joel Comm’s new book “So, What do you do?”

    You can find Dan on Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

  • Deb Roby - @debroby

    Deb Roby

    Deb Roby is a blogger with a passion for fitness and healthy living. And dogs, always dogs.

    In 2004, a friend suggested that everyone should start a blog as it would be the future of sharing information.  Deb began writing about crafts and all the other distractions life presents.  When Deb joined a gym to lose menopausal weight gain, Tales of the Scales became a weekly update on that journey. A passion for strength training, fitness and healthy living evolved with Deb earning her NASM CPT certification and finally moving to her current home, Weight For Deb. In 2012, Deb began her pursuit of completing a power lifting meet and eventually setting her record for her age/weight class.

    Deb is known for her interest in knitting (and all things craft), sustainable gardening, and baseball. She dreams of the day either of her “hometown” teams wins the World Series.

    You can find Deb on Facebook, PinterestInstagram and Twitter.

  • Diana Stewart - @thechiclife

    Diana Stewart

    Diana Stewart dabbles in blogging, photography, and recipe creation, among other things. She works a 9-to-5 as an IT consultant and teaches Zumba after hours for fun.

    She also runs two blogs – The Chic Life (a healthy lifestyle blog) and Diana Starts (a technology-focused blog). Diana strives to stay true to her motto — Eat Well. Sweat Happy. Live Chic.

    Once believing that the only way to lose weight was to restrict and go hungry, she now knows that skinny doesn’t necessarily equate to health and happiness. Diana feels that everyone can be healthy by eating well and finding an individual fitness program. Diana has learned that there is be a workout and food program for everyone that doesn’t mean sacrificing taste or enjoyment.

    This is Diana’s first FitBloggin’, and she’s really excited to help some of her fellow bloggers get into the geeky side of blogging.

    You can find Diana on thechiclife.comdianastarts.com, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

  • Donna Burke - @yogainheels

    Donna Burke

    Donna Burke is the founder of YogainHeels.com, a fitness fashion blog, and  ActivewearOutlet.com, a discount designer activewear website.  She graduated from college with a B.S. in biology, double minor in chemistry and exercise science, and a pre-medicine concentration.  While medical school was her goal, helping with the start-up of Atlanta Activewear made her realize that she could put her love for fitness and fashion together.

    Donna has worked with many brands such as Puma and Sweaty Betty, has been featured in Lucky magazine,  was voted Best Blog in Atlanta’s Jezebel magazine, along with being featured on the syndicated radio show, The Bert Show.  Donna has also been cited as an expert in the industry in leading publications like The Atlantic. Donna is also a barre instructor and an AFAA group fitness specialist, living and working in Atlanta.

    You can find Donna on Facebook,  Twitter and Instagram.

  • DubyaWife - @DubyaWife


    DubyaWife (Dub-Yah-Wife) is a blogger with a passion for all things social media. Blogging for more than four years, DW started DubyaWife.com (her weight loss story and health blog). You will often find her on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr or Instagram exchanging healthy living wisdom or posting a latest recipe after a great workout. In her spare time Christine enjoys running/strength training, all things nerdy/geeky (video games, Dungeons & Dragons), and LSU/Saints football. She is also an active participant in Toastmasters and a regular FitBloggin’ conference attendee.

    Christine’s wit and charm light up the “internet” with weight loss knowledge, healthy living advice and snark.

    You can find DubyaWife on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram.

  • Elisha Dew - @elishadew

    Elisha Dew

    Elisha Dew started her blog, My Thunder Thighs, as a tool to help her lose weight. While she has not lost a significant amount at this point, she has managed to completely rearrange her life and learn that happiness is bigger than a number on the scale.

    When dramatic changes in her life dragged her down, she realized that to be happy she had to first earn her own trust. Since making that decision, she has learned to run, power lift, eat to make her body feel its best, and wear bright pink lipstick and skinny jeans. She is currently working on becoming a certified yoga instructor.

    Often told by random acquaintances that she should be a motivational speaker, she has recently decided that her life’s mission is to help people feel better about themselves. To that end, she is pursuing her master’s degree in counseling psychology.

    You can find Elisha on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Erin Kreitz Shirey - @powerfitness

    Erin Kreitz Shirey

    Excited to back at FitBloggin’ teaching the early-morning boot camp, Erin Kreitz Shirey is the “motivational mama that won’t stop!” according to fitness pro Tony Horton.  An eternal optimist, Erin was awarded Alameda magazine’s Most Motivational Personal Trainer, Top 10 International Personal Trainers by PFP and Red Tricycle Healthy Mom on a Mission.

    Erin’s passion for helping improve one’s self esteem through athletics began at age 14, when she learned how to convert an eating disorder into something positive.  She got deeper into sports, focusing on triathlons and trail running.

    Erin’s inspiration stems from her three dynamic daughters (baby Finley was in her belly while teaching at FitBloggin’ 13!), two of whom faced life-threatening conditions requiring extended hospital stays. Through their experiences Empowered Kids Events  got started — kids and their families using their athleticism to help charities benefiting those who can’t.

    Published in Parents, Good Housekeeping, SHEKnows, Competitor and Shape, Erin has a degree in kinesiology and is certified through ACE, Fit to Deliver, TRX, Stott Pilates Mat, Real Ryder Spin, Tabata Boot Camp and SCW Sports Nutrition.

    Erin helps you live your most empowered life blogging at DigDeepPlayHARD and as Girls Gone Sporty’s Special Populations Guru.

  • Jennifer Sader - @toledolefty

    Jennifer Sader

    Jennifer Sader started training for her first triathlon in 2001. She was tired of having “lose weight” as her only goal and she decided that she needed something bigger and more inspiring to shoot for. She completed that race in 2002 and has gone on to do dozens of other races, including the Chicago Triathlon in 2004.

    Though she has continued to battle her weight, injury problems, and a lingering notion that she is not a “real athlete,” she hasn’t lost her love of the sport. Jennifer has been blogging since 2006 at Perfect in Our Imperfections. She shares her thoughts on trying to lose weight without losing her mind. She shares her training experiences along with recaps of “The Biggest Loser,” book reviews, favorite beauty products and fashion finds. Jennifer is a full-time faculty member at a small university. She lives in the Toledo area with her husband and her two cats, both named after Muppets.

    You can find Jennifer at Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

  • Jessica Humphrey - @racingtozen

    Jessica Humphrey

    Jessica Humphrey began blogging at gorunjess.com in 2012 as a means of sharing her journey to running her first full marathon.  Motivated by the loss of her father to complications from diabetes and heart disease, Jessica trained for and ran her first marathon in May 2013.  She now writes about her efforts to balance life as an avid runner, full-time special education teacher, mother of two and wife.

    Jessica began her weight loss journey in 2006 when elevated blood pressure, stress and depression had her looking for a new way of life. She has maintained a 55-pound weight loss since first starting to exercise and eat healthfully.  In 2008, Jessica completed the Couch to 5K running program and discovered running as a means to relieve stress and stave off depression.  She has since completed two full marathons, seven half marathons and two sprint triathlons, as well as a variety of other road races in the area around Cleveland, Ohio.

    When not running or teaching, she enjoys kayaking in the waters of Lake Erie, cycling, yoga and leading an active lifestyle with her family.  This is Jessica’s first experience at FitBloggin’. She is thrilled to share her experience of stepping out of her comfort zone to blog and will lead a small group discussion, “The Introvert’s Guide to Blogging.”

    You can find Jess on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Jill Angie - @fabfittraining

    Jill Angie

    Jill Angie is a certified personal trainer, weight-loss coach, runner, author, and blogger — but that wasn’t always the case.

    In 2009, she found herself middle-aged, fat, tired and unhappy. She decided to do something about it and lost 80 pounds by overhauling her diet, taking up running, yoga, strength training and triathlon, and most importantly by discovering that fit looks fabulous on every body — no matter what size or shape.

    She blogged her own journey at Shrinking Jill, and soon realized that she was being called to teach others the same thing. In 2012, she became certified as a personal trainer, quit her day job, and opened a personal training studio, where she now spends her days training and motivating many amazing clients. She’s also a weight-loss coach, certified through The Life Coach School.

    Jill is author of the book Running With Curves: Why You’re Not Too Fat to Run, and the Skinny on How to Start Today, and creator of the new online running course Running With Curves: Learn to Run in the Body You Have Right Now, launching in July.

    You can find Jill at her website (FabFitTraining) and on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Julie Curtis - @rojrunning

    Julie Curtis

    Julie Curtis is a professional clinical counselor and independent chemical dependency counselor in the state of Ohio. She currently works in outpatient treatment with an emphasis on drug and alcohol issues. She is also the voice behind ROJ Running and has been blogging there for more than 5 years.

    Julie began her fitness journey in 2007, after participating in a local Relay for Life event. Over the next year she lost over 50 pounds and completed her first half marathon. Now an avid trail runner, she is working to lose the weight she gained back from health issues, injuries, and poor choices over the years.

    When not out on the trails, Julie spends her free time at the gym, learning to love weights and strength training, and letting loose in Zumba. She also enjoys cooking and baking and tries to share recipes weekly on her blog.

    One of her personal and career goals is to help people understand the importance of maintaining health in all biopsychosocial aspects. She hopes one day people will value and view psychotherapy the same as personal training or working with a dietitian. This will be Julie’s third FitBloggin’ and her second appearance as a speaker. She is looking forward to presenting during the keynote on “The Myth of Healthy Addictions.”

    You can find Julie on TwitterFacebookPinterestGoogle PlusInstagram, or ROJRunning.com.

  • Katrina Pilkington - @KatrinaElleP

    Katrina Pilkington

    Katrina “Kat” Pilkington is a busy bee — pug-mom, wife, NASM-certified personal trainer and fitness coach focusing on living the fit life while tackling work, coaching others, managing asthma and maintaining weight loss. Her weight-loss journey took twists and turns until she learned that there is NO short cut or quick fix and put HARD work into maintaining a fit life for GOOD.

    Along with running about 4 times a week and hitting the gym almost every day to pump up others, Katrina also has a love for the Insanity [T25 also] workout that helped her lose the last 10-20 pounds as well as begin running longer distances. She is now an Insanity and Basic Training group fitness instructor as well. She has run nine half marathons and finished her first full marathon in 2013. She blogs at Katrina Elle to hold herself accountable for all the goals she sets and plans to accomplish and also as a way to relate to and inspire others with her Monday’s Motivation posts, Sunday Weekly Workout Roundups and challenges.

    You can find Kat on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus.

  • Katy Widrick - @kwidrick

    Katy Widrick

    Katy Widrick is an admitted fitness freak who blogs about Healthy Living in a Hectic World at KatyWidrick.com. A full-time television and multimedia producer (Growing Bolder, distributed nationally), Katy is also a new mom, a triathlete, half marathon runner and vegetarian.

    She’s passionate about helping others use the latest tools and technology to connect with the healthy living community.

    While she loves green smoothies and kale, she believes in moderation in all things — including moderation. So don’t be surprised to see her with a cupcake in one hand and a large coffee in the other.

    Katy does not consider herself a natural athlete — she still shudders when thinking about the timed mile runs in 4th grade P.E. class — but she has fallen in love with fitness and says it has changed her life. It has also helped her maintain a 40-pound weight loss, and inspired her to become a group fitness instructor to help others become fitness freaks, too.

  • Kelly Espitia - @curvyfitgirl

    Kelly Espitia

    Kelly Espitia is the woman behind Curvy Fit Girl, where she blogs about her weight loss transformation and the twists, turns and happiness of everyday life.  Kelly hit her goal weight with Weight Watchers in June 2013, ironically enough during FitBloggin’ 2013 in Portland!

    To date, she has lost 118 pounds. Her transformation story has been featured in Weight Watchers magazine and Newsday.   Kelly has gone from running 5Ks, to practicing Bikram yoga, and currently tough bootcamp sessions 5-6 days a week.  Armed with a new passion for strength training and fitness, she dedicates herself to striving for the next fitness level and setting new strength goals.

    Kelly lives in New York, and in her spare time, enjoys cooking, reading, hanging with her bootcamp family, and has recently taken up running. This will be her third FitBloggin’, and her second time as a speaker.

    You can find Kelly on Twitter, her blog and on Facebook.

  • Kia Ruiz - @kiamruiz

    Kia Ruiz

    Kia M. Ruiz likes to use her biologist background to intersect ecology and wellness for communities and consumers.  Her focus is on simple, green, healthy actions that people can do for themselves and their environments.

    She teaches yoga, participates in wellness programs, is a community organizer and disseminates information through writing, photography, and workshops.  Kia loves to be active outdoors.  She proudly carries her Polar heart rate monitor ambassadorship and Got Chocolate Milk sponsorship as she recovers from what she calls a pretty lame post-partum year. She has two kiddos she refers to as her functional fitness buddies.

    Kia is thrilled to be the Ignite Fitness organizer and yoga instructor. Above all, Kia encourages maximizing joy in her life and with others.

    You can find Kia at kiamruiz.com,  on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, and IRL with her family and friends up and down the Front Range of Colorado enjoying real food and getting outside.

  • Kim Love-Ottobre - @kimba90

    Kim Love-Ottobre

    Kim Love-Ottobre, or Kimba, her trail name, has been running since 2003 and been blogging about it since 2006.

     Kim originally began running to help with her  75-pound weight  loss. She discovered trails in 2005 and was off to the “dirty side” after that.

    Kimba soon found her calling in ultra races. She ran her first 50K in 2005, her first 50-miler in 2006 and first 100-mile race in 2007. She has completed 20 or more 50K’s and seven 100-mile runs.

    She began  documenting her journey  as an ultra runner in her first blog www.ultranewby.blogspot.com and now currently at www.ultratrailgoddess.com  (Ultra trail goddess was another early nickname given to her on the trail.) Kimba lives in rural southern Ohio with her husband and three dogs She’s a retail pharmacist by day to pay for running shoes.

    You can find Kimba at Ultra Trail Goddess, Twitter and Pinterest.

  • Kimberly Whittaker - @manifesturself

    Kimberly Whittaker

    Kimberly Whittaker got passionate about her journey to get fit in spring 2011 and hasn’t looked back since. She is the founder and editor of Manifest Yourself (www.manifestyourself.com), a lifestyle and wellness blog, where she not only talks about getting fit, but she aspires to help others help themselves in all aspects of their lives. She writes about fitness, cooking, beauty and career topics and anything else that crosses her mind.

    By day, Kimberly works full time as an assistant director in the career services office at one of the nation’s top universities in New York providing career counseling and creating career development plans for students and alumni. Kimberly has a passion for helping people of all ages find a career path that fits their goals, personality and values, but by night she is devoted to manifesting herself.

    You can find Kimberly on TwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest, Google Plus and email.

  • Kindal and Dan Boyle - @FeminineMuscle

    Kindal and Dan Boyle

    Kindal and Dan Boyle are behind the blog LiftingRevolution.com. Together they run the blog, the membership site, Fitwomensweekly.com and a local women’s-only boot camp gym in Charleston, SC.

    While Kindal (aka Taylor) writes for the blog daily, together they have partnered to do the growing podcast, What The Fitness. They are a true team, working together to make their entire fitness dream come true. Podcasting has become something not only to generate traffic but to meet others in the industry and to learn more about each other.

    You can find them on TwitterInstagram, podcast and LiftingRevolution.com.

  • Kris Olsen - @KrisAOlsen

    Kris Olsen

    Kris Olsen, founder of Finish Line Engravers, began running in 2009. She had completed two 5Ks when she was approached by a race director to run a half marathon.  “You will never catch me running a half marathon” were her words.  Six months later Kris crossed the finish line of her first half marathon and has gone on to run four other half marathons, one vertical race, The Empire State Building Run Up, and a triathlon, the Girls Tri Too. Her international half at the Dresden Marathon has been her most amazing race. That was the race where she decided  to reach out to local companies for sponsorships.

    Running became therapy for her with the loss of her father, brother and best friend to cancer.  Many races have been in memory of them.  Kris is an ambassador with FitFluentialFit Approach, Girls Gone Sporty, and affiliate director of Shubeez.

    Kris lives in Columbus, Ohio, with her husband, Aaron. They have three sons and a daughter in law.

    You can find Kris at Facebook, Twitter, Google PlusInstagram and Pinterest.

  • Larissa Q. Brown - @certifiedfitgk

    Larissa Q. Brown

    Larissa Q. Brown has more than 6 years of experience in the health and fitness industry and believes in working hard, laughing often, and pursuing your passion. Larissa, a self-described fitness geek and creator of the blog Certified Fitness Geek, has belly danced in restaurants, run a marathon, competes in natural bodybuilding, and recently became a Sweat Pink Ambassador.

    She has a master’s degree in exercise science and holds certifications with ACSM, ACE and AFAA with specialty certifications in Tabata bootcamp, FlirtyGirlFitness, yoga, and other modalities. She has designed and implemented daring yet achievable fitness programs for private gyms, special events and in collegiate settings.  She views fitness as a science and each session as an opportunity to teach her clients skills for lifelong wellness.

    She will be hosting a chat on high intensity interval training and how to incorporate it into your fitness routine. This will be her first FitBloggin’ conference and she looks forward to meeting some of the inspiring bloggers she has connected with online, meeting new people, and gaining new skills as a fitness blogger.

  • Leah Segedie - @bookieboo

    Leah Segedie

    Leah Segedie is a “100-pound loser,” founder of the Mamavation community, food activist and social media consultant. Through the Mamavation community, she teaches “digital moms” healthy living practices to combat disease in their home. Since 2009, the women of Mamavation have lost over 3,500 pounds.

    Leah is also a very passionate food activist. She organizes Twitter parties monthly to educate the public about the food supply and other issues impacting public health. And brands love to work with Leah because she has over 9,500 bloggers in the Bookieboo Network who help to create wellness-related campaigns.

    Her story, communities and work have also been featured in the media, including CNN, ABC, NBC, “The Talk,” Yahoo, Ladies Home Journal, Fitness Magazine, Shape Magazine and Woman’s Day. She lives in Simi Valley, CA, with her husband and three young children.

    You can find Leah on Twitter and Facebook.

  • Lindsay Livingston - @leangrnbeanblog

    Lindsay Livingston

    Lindsay Livingston is a registered dietitian from Columbus, Ohio. She specializes in nutrition communications and is the nutrition communications coordinator for ReganMillerJones, Inc., the parent company of HealthyAperture.com and TheRecipeReDux.com. In this role, Lindsay manages daily social media strategy for Healthy Aperture and is the primary content manager of sponsored contests for both Healthy Aperture and The Recipe ReDux.

    Lindsay is the author behind the healthy living blog, The Lean Green Bean, and she is also a freelance recipe developer and writer. In her free time, she enjoys CrossFit, experimenting in the kitchen and spending time outdoors with her husband and their two dogs.

    You can find Lindsay at her blogTwitterInstagramFacebookPinterest and Google Plus.

  • Madeline Glasser - @FoodFitandFam

    Madeline Glasser

    Madeline Glasser started her blog Food, Fitness, and Family as a way to document her love for healthy living and as an outlet for her musings of a growing family.

    She is an Army wife and mother to two girls living life in the Deep South of Savannah, GA.  While she loves a good HIIT workout as much as the next person, she is also passionate about sharing that healthy living involves a healthy balance of fun.  Her most recent adventure has been to start full-time as a physician assistant.  Her new motto?  Go big or go home.

    You can find Madeline on her blog, spamming your Instagram with cute kids, on Twitter, or Facebook.

  • Margo Donohue - @BrooklynFitChik

    Margo Donohue

    Margo Donohue is the founder and creator of the health and fitness Blog Brooklyn Fit Chick. She lives and works in Brooklyn, NY, as both a group fitness and personal trainer with certifications from NASM, AFAA, ACE and TRX.

    Margo is also a public relations and marketing consultant with her own business as well as a featured writer for Fit Bottomed Girls, Diets in Review and SweatGuru.com.

    You can find Margo on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Meredith Olney - @mereditholney

    Meredith Olney

    Meredith Olney started her blog Fitbie Bride last November in the hopes of using it to document her wedding planning adventures as well as her fitness journey to walking down the aisle. What started out as hobby ignited a true passion, and her blog soon blossomed into a platform for reaching a healthy level of self-acceptance and a balanced love of fitness and healthy food, with a few laughs along the way.

    Meredith loves all things fitness related, especially workouts that incorporate speed and agility work, strength training, plyometrics, the stairmaster and (attempting) running. She also enjoys doing rounds of P90x with her fiancé, Shane. An avid list maker, goal setter, agenda planner and coffee fiend, Meredith writes stories for and edits a local magazine in her hometown of Wichita, Kansas.

    Meredith is working toward getting her personal trainer certification and can’t wait to experience her first ever FitBloggin’ as one of the Ignite Fitness speakers.

  • Nicole Longstreath - @theWardrobeCode

    Nicole Longstreath

    Nicole Longstreath is on a mission to save women from the dysfunctional shopping experience. She is a virtual wardrobe stylist working with women across the globe to build personal brands that command attention and influence.

    Nicole began her journey as a stylist with a unusual “guerrilla shopping” experiment in 2010. For 6 months, she vowed to shop only at local thrift stores. Her theory: building a wardrobe on a micro-budget was totally possible – but only if she was clear on what she was looking for.

    At the end of the experiment, she had a new wardrobe (for less than $500) and a new vision of what building a wardrobe should be like – whether it was done in a thrift shop or Bloomingdale’s.

    Nicole says all women are entitled to their own, unique brand of personal style, regardless of age, size, shape or amount of disposable income.

    You can find Nicole at her blog, theWardrobeCode.com, on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

  • Presley Salmon - @RunPretty

    Presley Salmon

    Presley is a 20-something wife, mom, teacher and advocate for the “every man.” She began blogging as a way to document her daily eats but quickly realized that wasn’t for her. After struggling with body-image issues and restrictive eating tendencies, she decided it was time to make some changes. She now writes about trying to figure life out, running like a snail, and laughing her way through it all.

    Presley enjoys all things active. Running, lifting, and embarrassing herself on the dance floor top the list of favorite ways to get moving. Her biggest passion, though, is helping others find the balance between healthy living and a healthy dose of self-acceptance.

    You can find Presley on her blog, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

  • Rebecca Stifter - @FitApproach

    Rebecca Stifter

    Rebecca Sifter is a student at UC Berkeley. She is double majoring in business and media studies. As a Sweat Pink College Ambassador, she helps college students find a balance between college and healthful living. She founded SPAU in December 2012 and has helped bring the organization to 10 college campuses in the past year.

    Rebecca is the community manager and business development manager for Fit Approach, an online health and fitness community. She manages Fit Approach’s Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google+ and Pinterest accounts, manages 3,000+ brand ambassadors, and works with top health and fitness brands to increase their social media presence. Rebecca is committed to living a healthy lifestyle where modification is key and activity is a must. Because of her passion for health and fitness she strives to pursue a career within the field.

    She spends her days running the streets and trails of Berkeley, studying, socializing with her sorority sisters, and communicating with Sweat Pink ambassadors worldwide.

    If you would like to work with Fit Approach via social media, contact Rebecca for more information (rebecca@fitapproach.com).

  • Sarah Bramblette - @Born2lbFat

    Sarah Bramblette

    Sarah Bramblette is a lipedema, lymphedema, obesity, and health insurance advocate and blogs about her life experiences at Born 2lb Fat. Her tagline is “Fat describes me, it does not define me.”

    Sarah has overcome several medical challenges on her journey to health, including a very thorough journey navigating the healthcare and insurance process. She turned that personal experience into a new passion of advocating for others and is currently working on her master’s degree in health law.

  • Sarah Scott - @SarahLou1976

    Sarah Scott

    Sarah moved to the U.S. in November 2009 from England, with her husband and two west highland terriers.When not on social media posting photos of her dog or her food, she can be found volunteering at the local food bank and animal shelter.

    She initially starting blogging about being an expat in America in August 2010, and then moved to her blog Losing Weight and Having Fun in April 2013, where she talks about her goal to lose 150 lbs, and the long journey ahead. She discusses the races she enters, and her weight-loss progress along with the fun she has along the way.

    She took part in her first 5k in June 2012, and soon became addicted to “earning the bling.” Although not a fast runner, she still participated in 27 races in 2013. She attended her first FitBloggin’ in 2013 and loved it and loved sharing everything British with everyone. Her mission in life (other than teaching people how to say aluminium properly!) is to make sure everyone knows how to make a “proper cuppa,” and this will be what she shares with everyone at FitBloggin’ this year.

    You can find Sarah on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

  • Schnelle Acevedo - @bklynactivemama

    Schnelle Acevedo

    Schnelle “Nellie” Acevedo is a busy mom of two young boys (2 and 5), a career woman by day and a fitness junkie by night. Nellie blogs at Brooklyn Active Mama, a positive community that focuses on demonstrating to all women that you can always find time for fitness. She features a Weekly Wednesday Workout and a Friday Fitness Check-in series where she encourages readers to check in and remain accountable for their fitness and nutrition goals.

    In addition to getting in the gym five times weekly, Nellie became inspired to become a licensed Zumba instructor at Fitbloggin’ 12. She now teaches a regular high-energy Saturday Zumba class in Brooklyn. Since beginning to blog Nellie has lost 25 pounds (and counting)!

    You can find Nellie on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Google Plus.

  • Shannon Colavecchio - @BadassFitCEO

    Shannon Colavecchio

    Shannon Colavecchio is the small but mighty leader of the Badass Fitness “Army.” A PR maven by day, Shannon spends her mornings, weekends and evenings living out her true passions: fitness blogging and fitness instruction. A Florida-based Tabata bootcamp master trainer and ACE-certified group fitness instructor with more than six years of experience, Shannon owns the Badass Fitness studio — the roots of which began in November 2010, when she published her first blog of the same name. Today the Badass Fitness blog draws readers from around the country and internationally, and brand sponsors and affiliates include Energy Bits, Handful Bra, Nuttzo, Primal Blueprint Publishing, Lorna Jane, and more. She is an ambassador for Fitfluential, SweatPink, and GirlsGoneSporty, as well as an IDEAFit Inspired Blogger.

    Her studio opened in December 2013 and offers TRX, Tabata Bootcamp, Shockwave, IndoRow, and Schwinn Cycling classes. A former newspaper reporter and governor’s press secretary/speechwriter, Shannon has freelanced for or been featured as a fitness expert in Women’s Running, Runner’s World, among others. Shannon is an avid half marathoner who fuels her training with ginormous amounts of Paleo food.

    She is always chasing a new PR or tweaking recipes for Cavegirl Bakes — her Tallahassee-based company that sells Paleo baked goods. She runs on caffeine, the energy of her students, and a solid six to seven hours of sleep a night.

  • Shannyn Allan - @frugalbeautiful

    Shannyn Allan

    Shannyn Allan is super honored to be speaking for a second time at Fitbloggin! She started FrugalBeautiful.com as a broke grad student who was searching for ways to create a beautiful life, despite her super-tight budget blogging has changed her life and she wants to help others do the same.

    She has used her blog to pay her way through graduate school, snag her dream job as a social media manager and earn some pretty cool perks (Including free trips, running gear, and help furnishing her home!).

    She began running to live a healthier life, and in 2013 she completed 16 half marathons and two triathlons. Her goal is to help other bloggers tell powerful stories, earn income from their influence and build blogs that make dreams a reality.

    You can find Shannyn on TwitterFacebookPinterest, and (her fave) Instagram.

  • Stacie Wells - @simplystacie88

    Stacie Wells

    Stacie Wells is a bit of a newbie to the blogging world, having launched her blog, SimplySouthernStacie.org, in October 2013. After being inspired and motivated by so many healthy lifestyle blogs over the years, she decided it was finally time to get on the bandwagon and become a blogger herself! However, she is no stranger to the healthy living and fitness realm.

    Stacie has been a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor and cycle instructor over the course of more than 6 years working with her Family Y. It was during her time working at the Y that Stacie went from being a reluctant runner to someone who actually runs for fun. She started with local 5ks before graduating to half-marathons. Now, Stacie is looking to add marathoner to her list as she completes the Disney Marathon in 2014. Stacie is excited to be attending her first FitBloggin’ conference and is hoping to meet some amazing new blog friends!

    She will be leading a small group discussion: How to Train for Your First Marathon and Survive.

    You can find Stacie on her blog,  TwitterInstagram, Facebook and Pinterest.

  • Steph Calvert - @hrtsnlaserbeams

    Steph Calvert

    Steph Calvert is the work-at-home mom, graphic and web designer and illustrator behind Hearts and Laserbeams. She has been working nonstop since graduating from Georgia’s Savannah College of Art and Design in 1999, and her work has been seen worldwide on apparel, in print and online.

    Steph has been a self-employed freelance designer for three years, working for large corporations, small businesses and individuals alike to create something special. She has been a blogger for more than 10 years, and has been a blog contributor to OC Weekly and Moonfrye. She speaks at conferences on small business topics, co-produces the Work. Life. Branding. web series, and is poised to self-publish a children’s book in 2014.

    Steph shares her Savannah, Ga., home with husband, Josh, and 3-year-old son Phil, and will be welcoming a newborn girl in March 2014. She enjoys coloring with her son, karaoke, and a good glass of wine every now and then. (But preferably now, thanks.)

    You can find Steph at her websiteemailFacebookTwitterPinterestInstagramGoogle PlusYouTubeLinkedIn and Tumblr.

  • Steve Carmichael - @RunBuzz

    Steve Carmichael

    In 2007, Steve Carmichael was diagnosed as borderline diabetic, had high cholesterol, was 35 pounds overweight and had symptoms of fatty liver disease. To change his life, he started running, and after a year he was 100 percent back to normal. He has gone on to run multiple half and full marathons.

    Steve’s health and fitness regimen and love of running led him to start a marathon training blog. In 2012, he launched the Marathon Training Podcast. With the success of his show, he was able to start coaching athletes from all over the world. In 2014, he launched RunBuzz Radio to help runners fall in love with running. Both shows and his blog can be found at runbuzz.com.

    Steve is a RRCA and USA Track and Field certified coach and lives in Lewis Center, Ohio, with his wife and two daughters. He is also the club director and head coach for Run Fit Running Club in Columbus, Ohio. Steve is excited to speak at FitBloggin’ about reaching new audiences through podcasting and looks forward to sharing experiences and networking with other fitness enthusiasts.

    You can find Steve on Facebook and Twitter.

  • Steve Gray - @stevegrayftw

    Steve Gray

    Steve Gray is the man behind the blog Steve is Getting Fit — formerly known as 265andfalling, blogofsteve, Running on Awesome, and SteveGrayFTW.  Steve began blogging in 2009 as a way to hold himself accountable and to put his weight-loss journey story out there.  The accountability part has had mixed results, but the blog is still one of the best things to have happened to him.  It has allowed him to make new friends, travel to new places, and has given him the courage to try new things, including running two half marathons, and starting CrossFit.

    When Steve isn’t blogging (or changing the blog name), he is chilling with his cats in the suburbs of Baltimore.  He is also a full-time graduate student, and is working on starting his own meadery business.

    You can find Steve on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

  • Sue O'Lear - @MrsFatass

    Sue O'Lear

    Sue O’Lear is the wife, mom, and hotass who writes MrsFatass.com. In April 2009, after two particularly grueling years, Sue began blogging her story, which she calls “One girl’s journey from Fatass to Fabulous.” Believing that there is no topic to personal, too ridiculous, or too deeply embarrassing to be discussed (bless her heart), her blend of wit and honesty has been recognized by Australian Women’s Health Magazine as a top blog to follow for weight loss humor and motivation.

    Her work as a writer and fitness instructor has also been featured on YourTango.com, Shape.com, and in print in the Wall Street JournalThe Wilson Daily Times and The Associated Press (in Spanish). She has also been a guest on the podcast Two Fit Chicks and a Microphone and the radio show The Boomer Beat on WCOM radio in North Carolina. When she is not defending her choice to call herself MrsFatass or writing about bodily functions, she is co-owner of Trio Fitness, a specialized group fitness studio in Wilson, NC, recently featured in Wilson Woman Magazine and Z-Life magazine.

    Aside from driving her business partner Samantha Collins (of Simplifying Sam) crazy with talk of marketing and programming, she is a fitness instructor licensed or certified to teach Zumba Fitness, Les Mills BodyFlow, Hoopnotica, Pound Rockout Workout, and in February, Piloxing.

  • Valerie Kirkland - @Val_FitJourney

    Valerie Kirkland

    Valerie Kirkland has a master’s degree in public health and is a certified group exercise instructor. She enjoys creating clean recipes, sharing fitness tips and inspiration on my blog livefitjourney.com.

    Valerie started blogging to help others learn how to eat clean. Her journey began in 2011 when she started eating clean and lifting weights. She lost 20 pounds and competed in her first fitness competition. Her transformation story has been featured in Oxygen magazine and Bodybuilding.com. She enjoys helping others and recently founded Generation Healthy Kids, a non-profit focused on combating childhood obesity. As a mother of a 2-year-old, she wants to help educate children and families about the importance of healthy eating and exercise.

    You can find Val on her blogFacebookTwitterInstagram and her website.