Our motto is “Using blogging, social media, and digital communication to motivate, inspire, and foster a culture of health and wellness where everyone belongs.

Those last three words, where everyone belongs, are important. They are important when we are talking about an overall culture of health and wellness but equally important when we are talking about FitBloggin & FitSocial as a conference.

We hope everyone does feel they belong at FitBloggin & FitSocial: man or woman, young or old, blogger or Tweeter, fit or on the road to fitness, vegan or gluten free.

We understand one thing does limit this inclusivity: cost. The conference is not inexpensive at $295 and we firmly believe the price is worth what you get in terms of education, exposure to new ideas, fitness classes, meals, and overall fun. At the same time, we realize everyone is on a budget and some budgets cannot include the conference, especially when considering travel, hotel, and other costs.

That is why we are very excited to offer a limited number of need-based Scholarships to the 2016 FitBloggin & FitSocial Conference. Each scholarship offers a $250 stipend to be applied towards the registration price. Scholarship winners must be able to fund other costs of the conference on their own. Recipients must demonstrate true financial need: attending school, between jobs, in the military, etc. (Those already registered are not eligible.)

There is no deadline to apply. Scholarships will be awarded on a first to qualify, first served basis. Please complete the form below to apply.

We hope this will complete that circle of inclusivity at FitBloggin & FitSocial.