FitBloggin’ Link Love: Thankful for this Tribe

It's been several years since someone first uttered the word "tribe" to represent the gathering of bloggers that takes place each year at FitBloggin'. It remains one of the truest definitions about blogging, tweeting, weight-losing, loving group of people. Here are a few pieces from our "tribe" this month -- a group we are utterly grateful for every day of the year. Give them a click and a … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’ Link Love: Best of October Blogs

We're just a day away from Halloween and the official start to the holiday season... but we're still bloggin'! Our FitBloggin' community had a lot going on this month covering everything from surviving Halloween and awesome female trail runners to an enticing pumpkin blondie recipe. Give them a click and a share ... and let us know what you're up to this month! Creating the Best Version of … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’ Alumni Interview with Brianna Engebretsen

Brianna Engebretsen of Years attended: 2014 Twitter | Facebook | Instagram What is FitBloggin' to you? To me, FitBloggin' is a place where I can gather with likeminded bloggers from very different life journeys, who are full of love and support for one another. It's a close knit community that, while I've only attended one so far, made me feel welcome and at home. How … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’ Alumni Interview with Kimberly Love-Ottobre

Kimberly Love-Ottobre of Years attended: 2014 Twitter, Facebook, Instagram What is FitBloggin' to you? A fun, easy, stress-free, no judgement weekend with like-minded peeps! How has the FitBloggin' community impacted your own life? I have reached out to join more online groups. What keeps you coming back to FitBloggin'? It's low key and low stress and everyone … [Read more...]

Am I Fit Enough for FitBloggin’?

By Kari Goodman Three summers ago, I sat on my couch reading a blog post from an amazing girl who was in Portland, Oregon having an amazing time at this thing called FitBloggin’. I had just recently begun my own blog and health/wellness journey. Her adventures looked like so much fun. But, the title of the conference had the word fit in it. And I was sitting on my couch at around 450 pounds. … [Read more...]

YouTube for Wellness Bloggers: Why You Should Get Started Now

You’re a health and fitness blogger. You sit down at your computer and write awesome posts that people love to read. But now here comes the wonky idea of video trying to squeeze its way into your cozy situation. As if you have time for that? The landscape of blogging has changed since I started seven years ago. Thank God we have great resources like FitBloggin’ to keep us in line (hehe). Even … [Read more...]

Go Live with Periscope! 10 Reasons to Try This New Social Media Platform

By DubyaWife and ShesNachoMama “Another platform? And this time it involves LIVE VIDEO? But, my messy house! My hair! My voice!” We know. Please hear us out anyway. WHAT IS PERISCOPE? Periscope is the latest star in the social media constellation. It’s owned by Twitter, so your Twitter handle is also your Periscope handle. Your Periscope followers are not necessarily the same people … [Read more...]

Is Blogging Dead?

This seems to be the question everyone is asking. Again. See, this whole blogging is dead thing has been floating around for years. Just do a search for “blogging is dead” and you can easily find articles that date back to 2006. 2006. When did you start your blog? For me it was 2005 and by that time blogging was already an established thing, around since the '90s, if you can believe … [Read more...]