FitBloggin Sponsor Post : Garden of Life – Empower Extraordinary Health

I was personally quite excited to have Garden of Life be a part of FitBloggin & FitSocial this year.  GOL is a company I buy quite a few products from including my lean's called RAWfit and it's yummy.  I am not a raw eater...heck, I am not a perfect eater by any means (I may or may not have eaten my 8yr old's cocoa crisps for breakfast this morning)  but I do a pretty good job and … [Read more...]

FitBloggin Sponsor Post : Getting a Grip on Your Family’s Health Profile

TapGenes is one of our 2016 sponsors of FitSocial & FitBloggin and they have a great product to talk to us all about.  After all, what's more important than you and your family's health? The More You Know, The More You Can Change As most of us know, our family relationships have a lot to do with our overall health. However, when we think about our family and their impact on our health, … [Read more...]

FitBloggin & FitSocial Announces Lisa Delaney as the 2016 Keynote Speaker

As FitBloggin & FitSocial takes its final shape in preparation for Indy this year, we proudly announce our keynote speaker, Lisa Delaney, Senior VP and Chief Content Officer at AMG/Parade, publisher of Parade magazine, the most widely read magazine in the U.S., reaching 22 million households each week. During her 30-plus years as a journalist, Lisa has written for and edited fitness, health … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Indy, Shall We?

Being a hot topic on our group page this week, we wanted to post some information about Indianapolis.  A few are pumped up, a few are cautious and many are curious as to what there is to do in the nation's 14th largest city! We chose Indy as our 2016 host for several reasons: travel ease, fitness features (walking trails etc), travel budgets and venue options included.  Coincidentally, I happen … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’16 Session Description: How to Blog Like a Journalist with Liz Neporent

You already know how to blog about your opinions, now support your thoughts with accuracy. Elevate your blog by thinking and writing like a journalist. In this session you’ll learn how to research a topic, source your information, and fold in substantiated facts into your arguments. You’ll learn how to structure your blog pieces to make them stronger and optimize them with compelling language, … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’16 Session Description: Early Morning Bootcamp with Erin Kreitz-Shirey

Join this 5th annual early morning FitBloggin’ tradition -- Bootcamp with Coach Erin Kreitz Shirey. The class will not only wake you up, kick your bum, make you laugh, and help you meet new friends... but also get you energized and excited for the conference! Erin is all about training from the inside out, all positive self-esteem and fitness fun in this kick-ass boot camp! We'll take on … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’ Alumni Interview with Alan Ali

Alan Ali of Sweating Until Happy Years attended: 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015 FitBloggin' Advisory Board Member Twitter | Facebook | Instagram What is FitBloggin' to you? FitBloggin' is where I go recharge myself every year! It's where I go to share and learn about experiences many of us might face on the road to regaining our health and happiness. Has the FitBloggin' community impacted your … [Read more...]

It’s Easy to Plan an Active Vacation in Indianapolis

By Kendall Mason of Indy is packed full of exciting ways to keep active while relishing in new experiences. Boasting an award-winning urban bike trail and breathtaking parks, Indianapolis offers endless opportunities to keep you moving as you explore and embrace the city.  First and foremost, you can rent a bike to get from place to place all day long. The Pacers Bikeshare program … [Read more...]