One Month until FitBloggin’11!

We can hardly believe it either! Just one more month until we mix and mingle in Baltimore! Our apologies for the lack of updates. We've had a new addition in the FitBloggin' camp. He decided to start early, throwing the rest of the staff (me) off schedule. Have no fear. the conference is still full steam ahead and we've been making some amazing progress! In this update: … [Read more...]

Welcome LÄRABAR!

Everyone at FitBloggin'11 will get to try a LÄRABAR! At LÄRABAR, we believe that the foundation of a sound mind, body and spirit is derived from what you eat. And what you eat is healthiest and most satisfying when it's in a whole, natural state. … [Read more...]

Welcome Attune!

Fitbloggin' would like to welcome Attune Foods as 2011 Sponsor! Their products not only include the Attune line but U.S. Mills cereals as well! Stay tuned for more information about a wonderful Attune Sponsored breakfast where we'll get to try some of these yummy options! … [Read more...]

Just a Wii bit of FitBloggin’ News

Update: As of 8/11 we are all out of the game samples. Thanks so much for the interest! We are *this* close to having a concrete date and location for FitBloggin'11. THIS CLOSE! To make up for lack of updates may I offer a peace treaty. If you would like a review copy of The 10 Min. Solution Wii game please contact Melissa at If you've already received a copy … [Read more...]

Using Blogging to Repair A Damaged Body Image

This week's quest post is by Mara. Mara blogs at Medicinal Marzipan is a blog about body image and unconditional self love, as well as learning to lead a positive and authentic life. Contact her on twitter @mmarzipan or by email: medicinalmarzipan[at] Everyday there is more buzz about building positive body image in the healthy living blogosphere. It has been the hot topic in blog … [Read more...]

It’s FitBloggin’ not CliqBloggin’!

Please welcome our next guest poster Katy Widrick. Katy is a fitness blogger extraordinaire and Executive Producer for The Bolder Media Group. Connecting with people who share our viewpoints, can support us through challenges and cheer us on -- well, that's the reason we all blog, right? And that's certainly what events like Fitbloggin' are all about. But there's a a fine line between … [Read more...]

Keyboard cardio: How to start a healthy living blog

FitBloggin' is proud to welcome it's first guest poster and we are more then ecstatic that it's Pastaqueen, AKA Jennette Fulda. Jennette is the author of "Half-Assed: A Weight-Loss Memoir," which chronicles her 200 pound weight loss, as well as the forthcoming "Chocolate and Vicodin: My quest for relief from the headache that wouldn't go away." She blogs at PastaQueen and designs web sites at Make … [Read more...]

#FitBlog Chat and Open Call for Guest Posts!

FitBloggin'10 is over. FitBloggin'11 is in the EXTREMELY early stages of planning. But what do we do in between? How can we keep in touch with each other? Share knowledge? Learn? Grow? Connect? By keeping the FitBloggin' community alive! That's how. First, if you weren't aware kwidrick is starting a regular #FitBlog chat to continue the energy and lively discussion on twitter.  The first is … [Read more...]