Live Blog: Realistic & Achievable Wellness by Florida Grapefruit

Session begins with audience members drinking Grapefruit G-jitos made with mint, lime, and touch of honey. Yum! Good afternoon, my name is Dawn Jackson Blatner, RD, CSSD, LDN. I blog with food and nutrition in mind for the Huffington Post, and I am the author of “The Flexitarian Diet.” I am here at this conference on behalf of Florida Grapefruit. So we’re going to talk about a topic that is … [Read more...]

Live Blog: When You Have a Lot to Lose

When You Have a Lot to Lose is hosted, presented by Tara Martin of A Life Changing Journey and Meegan Dowe of RedStar5, is a discussion about the process of fitness and weight loss when you have a lot to lose. Tara: Before we start, I’m gonna tell you, I am freaking out. If you don’t know us, this is my wife Meegan Dowe .  I’m Tara, my twitter is tidbits_of_tara and my Blog is A Life Changing … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Growing the Good Economy Together with Sara Hopson

This session was presented by Sara Hopson of Daily Feats. Sara - Hi Guys.  We can talk way more since the group is small.  This is Shannon and she is going to help us today.  I’ll do a quick introduction.  I’m Sara Hopson I’m a marketing and social media professional for Daily Feats.  I’m passionate about health and technology’s ability to help you back to health. We’re here to talk about … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Harness the Power of YouTube

Sarah Dussault, one of the most viewed fitness personalities on YouTube, presents this session where attendees will learn how to create high-quality video content that will not only drive traffic to your blog, it will increase audience retention and earn money, too. YouTube has been rolling out new features to help promote fitness and health videos over the past year. It sees value in fitness … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Self Acceptance and Weight Loss

 Are self acceptance and weight loss mutually exclusive? This panel discussion led by Karen, Mara, and Shauna will introduce the concept of self-acceptance and facilitate a meaningful discussion about the relationship between self-acceptance, body image, health at every size, and weight loss. … [Read more...]

Ignite Fitness Chat and General FitBloggin’ Q&A

The Ignite Fitness proposals are flowing in, and we are ecstatic by the excitement FitBloggin' attendees are showing for this year's keynote. (Click here if you don't know what I'm talking about.) But some of the proposals we've received are slightly missing the point of the Ignite format. We want to help applicants take a good idea and turn it into an amazing pitch and presentation. Join us … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’ Meet Up at BlogHer

Are you going to BlogHer? Meet up with some FitBloggin' Friends while in San Diego! When: Friday, August 5, 2011 4PM Where: Pinkberry Yogurt 209 Fifth Ave 0118A San Diego, CA Why: You can use a yogurt break with your FitBloggin' friends. :) Leave a comment and let us you if you'll be stopping by. … [Read more...]

The First Ever FitBloggin’ Local!

Let's keep the FitBloggin community going strong and connect with fellow Bloggers in your local community. Our very first official FitBloggin' Local date is July 9, 2011. Meet and stay in touch with others who are interested in fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle. We don't have to do this alone or virtually! FitBloggin' Local allows you to volunteer and run a … [Read more...]