How to Build Readership Through Social Media

Whether you are just starting your blog, dabbling in the blogosphere or wanting to take your blog to the next level, social media is a critical component to building a fan base and driving readers to your blog. In this group discussion, Ty Godwin from will share his experience in building his blog and just as important, what he has learned from fellow bloggers. This is … [Read more...]

Living With Pain:  A Survival Guide 

Janet Oberholtzer and Robby Lamb lead a discussion group on how to incorporate the #wycwyc philosophy when you are injured or are dealing with chronic pain. In this group discussion we will talk about: Recognizing and honoring injury/pain through self-compassion. Coming up with a plan to deal with the physical limitations and emotional fallout. How to work with medical professionals to … [Read more...]

How to Be the Blogger Brands Want to Work With

For bloggers looking to increase their income the answer is rarely about finding a new ad network or signing up for latest affiliate program. Brand work is on the rise and companies are starting to see the value in aligning with bloggers who fit their target demographic. Join the fabulous founders of Fit Approach, the #SweatPink community and SweatGuru, Jamie and Alyse, as they give … [Read more...]

Mind Games: Depression, Anxiety and Healthy Living

When people think about weight and obesity they think of a physical problem.  After all, weight is something that you can see.  However, the reality of a healthy life is so much more than just the number on the scale, and often to become truly healthy we have to face our emotional and mental health. Mental illness, like depression and anxiety, as well as eating disorders, and as well as the … [Read more...]

A Change Will Do You Good…

“A Change Will Do You Good…” This simple phrase from the singer/songwriter Sheryl Crow packs so much in six words, especially if we truly take it to heart. I think it captures the spirit of successful Brands in this fast-paced world of food trends. How does a food brand stay relevant after 60 years? Do you stay true to your core positioning or do you change for the good?  Perhaps it is … [Read more...]

FitFluential at FitBloggin’15!

You've seen the #fitfluential hashtag. You noticed the ambassador notes in people's bios. You may even follow the fabulous Kelly Olexa or maybe you are already a FitFluential Ambassador! What does it all mean?  Come hear from Kelly herself about what makes FitFluential.... well...  FitFluential!  Learn what goes on behind the scenes. Pick up tips and strategies on how to break into the … [Read more...]

Get More Done in Your Sleep (Really!)

Attract More Readers, Make More Money and Get More Done...All While You're Sleeping. How to Automate Your Biggest Blogging Tasks WITHOUT Becoming a Robot. Automation can be a dirty word in blogging. But it's not all auto-DMs and "Dear" pitches. Automation can be personal, highly customized and a step in your process that saves time, helps you bring in more readers … [Read more...]

Writing Lab: Revision Circuit Training

For some bloggers, first drafts are the fun part. Or they may be the only draft. Sometimes, revision can feel overwhelming or tedious. But it can also be fun and rewarding, (and important for readers and sponsors that it’s the best it can be!) especially when broken down into manageable components. Come to the Revision Circuit Training at FitBloggin' with one printed draft of a blog post. … [Read more...]