How To Be The Blogger Brands Want to Work With

For bloggers looking to increase their income the answer is rarely about finding a new ad network or signing up for latest affiliate program. Brand work is on the rise and companies are starting to see the value in aligning with bloggers who fit their target demographic. - by Jamie and Alyse Session begins: Working with a brand is a lot like dating. The first date – how to get your pitch … [Read more...]

Yoga on the Roof and Smoothies at the Expo!

Feel the fresh air on your skin during this rooftop yoga class with Forrest Yoga instructor Rose Ode. It will be an uplifting, all-levels class with a view.  Find your center through breath work and asana, and experience the joy of practicing yoga in the sun on Saturday at 8 am on the pool deck. There is limited space for this event. Click here to sign up and reserve you spot! Spaces are all … [Read more...]

Learn About the PostureFit Bar With its Inventor, Dr. Liz

The PostureFit Bar provides health benefits that go far beyond what you’ve ever experienced. It targets the five core components of health – posture, core strength, range of motion and flexibility, bone density and cardiovascular performance and you'll be getting one at FitBloggin' to try with the inventor herself! Dr. Liz, the founder of PostureFit, noticed a disturbing trend of … [Read more...]

Personal Branding Workshop: Learning to Craft Your Brand Beyond Your Blog

Whether you’re a blogging veteran with an established name or a new blogger trying to establish an identity, thinking strategically about your personal brand is key to being able to extend your reach. You might be able to easily identify key facts about your favorite brand, but can you identify your own? Do you know what people say about you, or even what you want them to say? From your digital … [Read more...]

Small Group Discussion: Fitness Instructor Excellence

Diana Stewart went from failing her first Zumba instructor audition to now leading the development and refinement of the same company's instructor training program. In October 2014, she even won the Charlotte, NC, Creative Loafing Best of Charlotte Critic's Choice Best Zumba Teacher award. To make the leap, she did (and still does) a lot of self-analysis and hard work to constantly improve her … [Read more...]

Finding the Medium Between XS and XL: Exploring the controversy between fat and skinny shaming

Join us Saturday during the conference for the candid panel discussion Finding the Medium Between XS and XL: Exploring the Controversy Between Fat and Skinny Shaming led by Jackelyn Ho with panelists Carla Birnberg, Kia M. Ruiz, Sarah Bramblette and Martha Koeske. With both "skinny" and "curvy" fitspiration so prominent in people's lives, how do we handle the array of comments that flood in … [Read more...]

‘Durings’ Inspire, Too: The Importance of Blogging Before You Are an ‘After’

Soaring? Slogging? Struggling? Stuck? Keep going and keep blogging. Gail Gedan Spencer leads this group discussion about the importance of blogging through the fitness journey. We're looking for people from all angles of the "before, during and after" to discuss: How to jumpstart your momentum when things slow down. How to avoid self-sabotage when things are going great. How not to feel … [Read more...]

Glider Yoga With SweatPink

Who says you can’t have it all in one workout? With Glider Yoga (#GliYo), you get cardio, strength training, balance work and flexibility. Glider Yoga combines the heart-pumping benefits of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) with the strength, flexibility and core-firming attributes of yoga to give you a total body workout in just under an hour. Our signature class includes 25-30 minutes … [Read more...]