Live Blog: Lunch is Ready for its Close Up!: A Food Photography Mini Workshop

This session was led by Kacy Meinecke and Brandi Koskie who make up a dynamic recipe development team. These two have been working together for two years creating exciting recipes to support a healthy lifestyle.  These two understand that we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths and that pictures can truly sell a recipe! The scene is set with Brandi and Kacy standing behind a long table … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Living With Pain: A Survival Guide

Led by Janet Oberholtzer and Robby Lamb, Living With Pain: A Survival Guide was an interactive group discussion on how to incorporate the #wycwyc philosophy when you are dealing with chronic pain or an injury. Robby and Janet greeted participants by having them mark their pain on a map of the human body for physical pain, while invisible pain (depression, anxiety, etc.) went on a separate … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Fitness Instructor Excellence

Diana Stewart went from failing her first Zumba instructor audition to now leading the development and refinement of the same company’s instructor training program. In October 2014, she even won the Charlotte, NC, Creative Loafing Best of Charlotte Critic’s Choice Best Zumba Teacher award. To make the leap, she did (and still does) a lot of self-analysis and hard work to constantly improve her … [Read more...]

Annual Zumba Dance Fest

Back by popular demand, Zumba Dance Fest (the Fitbloggin' way) was back once again! Over a hundred folks gathered to  shake, shimmy and drop it like's it hot. Nellie from Brooklyn Active Mama and her Zumba crew wasted no time in getting our large group started, leading us through dance moves guaranteed to make all of us sweat. We started with a warm-up......Noone was … [Read more...]

How To Be The Blogger Brands Want to Work With

For bloggers looking to increase their income the answer is rarely about finding a new ad network or signing up for latest affiliate program. Brand work is on the rise and companies are starting to see the value in aligning with bloggers who fit their target demographic. - by Jamie and Alyse Session begins: Working with a brand is a lot like dating. The first date – how to get your pitch … [Read more...]

Yoga on the Roof and Smoothies at the Expo!

Feel the fresh air on your skin during this rooftop yoga class with Forrest Yoga instructor Rose Ode. It will be an uplifting, all-levels class with a view.  Find your center through breath work and asana, and experience the joy of practicing yoga in the sun on Saturday at 8 am on the pool deck. There is limited space for this event. Click here to sign up and reserve you spot! Spaces are all … [Read more...]

JumpSport Reception: Cradle to Grave Fitness

What piece of fitness equipment can a 9-month-old and a 99-year-old both use? A trampoline, of course! From the time a child starts to pull themselves up, they learn to bounce (often much to the detriment of the family furniture).  A toddler trampoline can give any child an outlet for their seemingly neverending energy, especially when coupled with the ability to learn. In juxtaposition, … [Read more...]

Sign up for One-on-Ones With Some of This Year’s FitBloggin’ Sponsors!

This year we are again providing the opportunity to engage with your favorite FitBloggin' sponsors in a more intimate and productive way.  As you may know, we have open expo hours Thursday 6-10 p.m., Friday 7 a.m.-2 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m.-noon to interact with brands, try samples and chat about opportunities. However, if you've been to FitBloggin' in the past, you may also know the expo can be … [Read more...]