Session Overview: Working With Brands on Google+

  Google+ is a mystery to your ordinary media consumer but it is becoming a highly recognized platform for brands and bloggers. In this presentation, we will explore the ins and outs of using Google+ to promote your brand or blog. We will also discuss how bloggers can work with brands on Google+ in a meaningful and powerful way through the use of Google+ Hangouts, Communities, and Circles. This … [Read more...]

Welcome ShareASale!

Please join us in welcome backing ShareASale! ShareASale is a provider of e-commerce tracking and affiliate management solutions. We help you find products to fit your blog, track which transactions have earned you commissions, report the transaction to you and most importantly – send you a payment on time every month for your commissions. For more than 14 years, ShareASale has been the host … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Going Mobile to Build Your Brand, Grow Your Community, and Generate Revenue

Do you have a blog, wellness hobby and/or business?  Do you enjoy using technology?  Are you looking for innovative ways to expand your brand? If you answered yes to these questions, this session is for you! Going Mobile to Build your Brand, Grow your Community, and Generate Revenue is led by Chris Outlay, PhD, group fitness professional and owner of the blog, and Alana Platt, … [Read more...]

Who’s Comin’ is HERE!

We are FINALLY live with an automated Who's Comin' to FitBloggin' page! Unfortunately, the automation required us to change the data field we used to display the links to your blog. So if you have purchased a ticket and don't see your link or if your site is listed but not a URL, have no fear! You can easily edit your ticket to display the correct information. Here's how: … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Tech Tools (and Free Plug-ins!) You Need to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

This session, led by Shannyn Allan of, will cover tech tools to save bloggers time, money and optimize their space in the blogosphere. Learn what to invest in, what to skip, what free tools to make life easier, and time/sanity saving hacks. Learn how to make your blog look and function great without a ton of CSS or artistic savvy, or spending a lot of money! Topics in the … [Read more...]

Small Group Discussion Overview: Weight Loss – Maintain the Mojo!

Calorie counting, daily exercise, the dreaded scale -- weight loss is tough and it’s even tougher the farther you go along your health journey. How do YOU maintain the mojo? In this group discussion we will talk about: Getting started Maintaining motivation Overcoming plateaus Reaching your goals Whether you’re just starting, in the middle, or in maintenance mode, this session … [Read more...]