Welcome Nutrish!

FitBloggin' is super excited to welcome Nutrish! Working with a team of pet nutrition experts, Rachael Ray created Nutrish Super Premium Food and Treats for dogs and cats. Nutrish is made with simple, wholesome ingredients like real meat, contains no by-products, fillers, or junk ingredients, and is inspired by tasty recipes from Rachael's kitchen. Proceeds from every bag of Nutrish Zero … [Read more...]

Welcome Back Chocolate Milk!

BUILT WITH CHOCOLATE MILK is thrilled to be a part of FitBloggin’ again this year! Stop by our booth for chocolate milk samples and to learn more about the 20+ studies that support the benefits of recovering with the high-quality protein and nutrients in chocolate milk after a tough workout. Check out what we have going on! Trivia, prizes & chocolate milk at our booth A session with … [Read more...]

Small Group Discussion Overview: Fitblogger Tough Love

Sue and Steve at the VERY FIRST Fitbloggin’, Baltimore, 2010 The thing that is awesome about the health/fitness/weight loss blogging "tribe" is the unwavering support, compassion, and empathy/sympathy for the trials and tribulations of living healthy in this fast paced, instant gratification, supersized world. We have walked in each other’s shoes, stared down many of the same demons, eaten so … [Read more...]

Get the FitBloggin’14 Phone App!

In an effort to reduce our overall dependence on printed products, we are happy to offer you Bizzabo again this year, our official mobile app for FitBloggin'14. Use it to: Plan who to meet: Join the community, find out who's attending and pinpoint potential connections. Socialize: Communicate with fellow attendees and connect with them on your social networks. Stay up to date: … [Read more...]

Small Group Discussion Overview: Running With Curves!

Are you waiting to become a runner until you are thinner or fitter? Wait no longer, because you can become a runner today, regardless of your shape, size or fitness level!  Join Jill Angie as she gives you the details on how to get started with your running practice: The basics on form, breathing and stretching, to get the most out of each run. Where to find (cute!) running clothes that … [Read more...]

Small Group Discussion Overview: Blogging Over 40

This post was written by Gail Gedan Spencer, FitBloggin's own Editor Extraordinaire and token "old person." -- We kid. We kid.  Are you a healthy living blogger over 40? Is this how you think society thinks of us? Would you like society to also think of this? Yeah, me, too. So how do we do that? How do we get pitched the same cool opportunities as our younger pals (y'know, … [Read more...]

Small Discussion Overview: How Very Pinteresting!

Pinterest is more than crafts, desserts, and nail art – it can be a game changing way of driving traffic to your site! Join Steph Calvert of Hearts and Laserbeams, an artist, blogger, and pinner with close to 5,000 followers, in this small group discussion. We’ll talk about getting past the visual hoarding stage to make this social media tool worth your blogging while. You’ll learn ways to pin … [Read more...]