Live Blog: Taking Your Smartphone Video to the Next Level

Live Session enthusiastically brought to you by @RunningJoeInJax. I'm not a blogger, but I might as well be by the amount I post on Daily Mile - Jax Joe. Go Gator Bait!   If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million! You don't want to skip over this discussion led by master video journalist, Andre Smith. Dre is sharing some of his professional tips and tricks … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Weight Loss – Maintain the Mojo!

This session was captured by Bari from Live Laugh Run Breathe.   I strive to: Live life to the fullest, Laugh often, Run free, and just Breathe, all while raising nearly 17 year old twins and training for my second marathon.  Calorie counting, daily exercise, the dreaded scale — weight loss is tough and it’s even tougher the farther you go along your health journey. How do YOU maintain the … [Read more...]

Session Overview: HTML, CSS and Other Code Bloggers Should Know (or at Least be Familiar With)

Do your eyes cross when you open the code-view of your blog? Don’t worry...We can help! If you want to be able to make minor updates to your blog’s HTML and/or CSS but have no idea where to start, this presentation is for you. This presentation is for bloggers who have no prior knowledge of HTML and/or CSS. If looking at the code behind your blog makes your head spin, let me help you learn how to … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’14 Fun Run Routes!

Join us Sunday morning for breakfast and the traditional FitBloggin' Fun Run. It's a great way to say goodbye to your conference friends and leave on an active note. We are providing 1 mile-ish, 5k and 10k options to meet all fitness levels. Take a stroll with your friends or challenge your running buddies to a race -- either way there is no pressure or shame in choosing the route that's right … [Read more...]

Small Discussion Overview: Use Your Words to Change Your Life

Join Alexandra for Use Your Words to Change Your Life, where you will: Gain insights into your self-talk, and how your thoughts (even the unconscious ones) affect your emotions, health and well-being Choose new words to replace habitual, unhelpful ones Create a written list of phrases to help you create new habits Learn the ABC Model developed by Aaron Beck so you can gain insights into … [Read more...]

Welcome Ninja!

Ninja is excited to bring hydration and nutrition to this year’s FitBloggin’ with the help of our brand new blending solution, the Nutri Ninja™! Wither you are jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle or are a fitness enthusiast, the Nutri Ninja™ is the most convenient way to enjoy the full natural benefits of your favorite foods. The Nutri Ninja™ is capable of breaking through ice, skins, seeds, and … [Read more...]

Sign Up for the Ghost Tour Add-On!

You can't come all the way down to Savannah and NOT take a ghost tour. Am I right? Recognizing how jam packed our schedule is, we did our best to align with a tour company and offer an opportunity toward the end of the Welcome Mixer on Thursday night. Unfortunately we were unable to get this event 100% sponsored and at this time there is only room for 60. However, tickets are only $5 for … [Read more...]

Put Your Finger on (re)Branding

Writing is like a fingerprint. No two bloggers have the exact same life story, online community, or writing style. Your blog’s design should reflect your unique viewpoint, but how do you create a visual representation of that? Join graphic designer Steph Calvert of Hearts and Laserbeams for a discussion on what branding is and isn’t. We’ll look at successful branding and why it works. Gain … [Read more...]