FitBloggin’14 Highlights and Sponsor Video!

Happy Monday! As the Fitbloggin' camp starts to plan FitBloggin'15,  we wanted to take a moment to celebrate this year's awesome conference. Check out our highlight video from Savannah this past June! If you are a brand interested in sponsoring FitBloggin'15, have a look at what this year's sponsors had to say... Click here to subscribe and receive conference news and updates in … [Read more...]

How Very Pinteresting! A Pinterest Guide for the Beginner and Advanced User

This session was captured by Melissa of Melissa Running It. Melissa is is a mid-life mother runner that's all about chasing down progress, not perfection. Steph Calvert is the work-at-home mom, graphic and web designer and illustrator behind Hearts and Laserbeams. She's been blogging since 2002 and is also a graphic & web designer, artist, and pinner with close to 5,000 followers. … [Read more...]

Live Blog: HTML, CSS, and Other Code Bloggers Should Know

Fitbloggin Live Blog Diana discussing HTML and CSS

This session was captured by Katherine Holmes from It Sux To Be Fat, a weight loss blog, featuring two sisters trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Follow ItSuxToBeFat on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. HTML, CSS, and Other Code Bloggers should know was presented by Diana Stewart.  Diana dabbles in blogging, photography, and recipe creation, among other things. She works 9-to-5 … [Read more...]

Live Blog: HIIT Chat

This session was captured by Stephanie Oxenford of Athlete at Heart. Session leader is Larissa Q. Brown of Certified Fitness Geek.  She has a Masters in Exercise Science and holds several fitness certifications. HIIT became important to Larissa because it gave cardio conditioning in addition to muscle building. HIIT is described as any workout that hits the vigorous training zone and has … [Read more...]

LiveBlog: Federal Guidelines and Other Blogging Legalities

This post was written by Natalie Taggart, Holistic Health Coach and author of Whole Plate Wellness. Natalie helps her clients reduce stress, increase energy, and find their purpose through a healthy lifestyle. At Whole Plate Wellness she blogs about how to find the health strategies that work for you so you can live your ideal life! This group discussion was led by Brandi Koske, respected … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Put Your Finger on (re)Branding

This session has been diligently dictated by Junebug of Simply Junebug. Steph Calvert, the work-at-home mom, graphic and web designer and illustrator behind Hearts and Laserbeams, led a discussion on what branding is and isn't.  She can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. What is Branding? - Icons - A visual representation of what/who you are.  It shouldn't change … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Using Your Words to Change Your Life

This session was led by Alexandra Williams, MA. @AlexandraFunfit // // //IG: AlexandraFunFit ### Cognitive Therapy has an apporach called ABC that is a way of analyzing and seperating behaviors from emotions, then creating more helpful response patterns. A: Activating Event - What happens BEFORE the belief? What triggered your response? Many times your … [Read more...]