Welcome The Laughing Cow!

The Laughing Cow® team is excited to join FitBloggin’ as a snack sponsor this year! Not only are we looking forward to beautiful Portland, but we can’t wait to see some of our favorite bloggers and make new bloggin’ friends. Individually portioned at 35 calories per each rich and creamy wedge, The Laughing Cow Light Cheese Wedges makes choosing the right snack delicious. We’ll be sampling some of … [Read more...]

How to find the Perfect Shoe for You, Presented by Reebok

Are you always asking yourself, “What’s the real difference between a running and cross training shoe?” Are you curious about buzz words like “barefoot running,” “minimalism,” and “pronation”? Are you frustrated with the performance (or lack thereof) of your current shoes and looking for a better alternative? Well, Reebok is here to educate you about the footwear you use to pursue your … [Read more...]

Enell, Inc. is excited to be a sponsor of FitBloggin’13!

From Oprah to Christina Hendricks to Drew Barrymore, ENELL Sports Bras are the favorite for well-endowed women across the world. If you’ve ever had to wear 2 sports bras at the same time to limit the bounce, ENELL might be your solution. Scientifically designed to SUPPORT, STABILIZE and SECURE, ENELL Bras come in 10 sizes to fit 32C to 52DDD. ENELL SPORT provides superior support for … [Read more...]

Welcome ShareASale!

How do you monetize your blog or website? As a blogger, ShareASale becomes a platform for all your Affiliate Marketing Activities. We help you find products to fit your blog, track which transactions have earned you commissions, report the transaction to you and most importantly – send you a payment on time every month for your commissions. For 13+ years, ShareASale has been the host for over … [Read more...]

Amana Sponsors FitBloggin’13!

At Amana, we’re dedicated to making our planet cleaner by reducing our consumer’s eco footprints. So we encourage investing in energy-star qualified products and share tips with our consumers on how to reduce energy consumption and save a little money on utility bills along the way. By attending tree-planting ceremonies, buying reusable water bottles and following every day energy saving tips, we … [Read more...]

Reebok at FitBloggin!

Reebok is built on fitness.  It is the foundation of our brand and it is the motivation for everything we do.  We believe that fitness is a way of life.  There are many ways to pursue it.  It can be fun, challenging, frustrating, exhausting, and inspiring.  The results go beyond physical transformation. … [Read more...]

Trout Lake Farm Tour Sign Up!

As a proud sponsor of FitBloggin’ 13, Nutrilite is inviting 30 FitBloggin’ attendees to visit its picturesque 700-acre Trout Lake Farm in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains. Trout Lake Farm is the largest certified organic herb farm in North America. Its fields are irrigated by the nearby, glacier-fed White Salmon River, and feature breathtaking panoramic views of the Cascades. The farm has … [Read more...]

Welcome NOW Foods!

NOW Foods, a family-owned company and leader in the natural products industry, is excited to be a first-time sponsor of Fitbloggin’ 13! For 45 years NOW has been empowering people to lead healthier lives by providing the natural product industry’s most extensive line of dietary supplements, natural and organic foods, sports nutrition, and personal care products. Outstanding quality and value have … [Read more...]