Discussion Overview: Getting Paid vs. Paying Blogger Dues

“I love feeling completely ignorant about when to ask a brand for a check” –Said No Blogger EVAH It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been blogging, each one of us wants to understand more about the business side of blogging and how to make more money. What are the differences between blogging for product vs. blogging for a paycheck? Is blogging an industry where you have to “pay your dues?” What’s … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Building Your Blog Through Organic SEO, Social Signals and Image Optimization

The world of search engine optimization has changed significantly over the past year. Traditional SEO tactics have been devalued since the Google Panda and Penguin updates, and creating quality content is more important than ever. In this session, I will talk about ways to use SEO tactics improve your rankings with social media, Google authorship, and well-described images. Keyword research - … [Read more...]

How to find the Perfect Shoe for You, Presented by Reebok

Are you always asking yourself, “What’s the real difference between a running and cross training shoe?” Are you curious about buzz words like “barefoot running,” “minimalism,” and “pronation”? Are you frustrated with the performance (or lack thereof) of your current shoes and looking for a better alternative? Well, Reebok is here to educate you about the footwear you use to pursue your … [Read more...]

Workshop Overview: Craft the Perfect Pitch

This power packed workshop will propel you to produce perfect pitches and proposals! If you want to write documents that get positive response, not trashed, then join this interactive session. Leading off is public relations specialist and blogger, Margo Donohue (aka Brooklyn Fit Chick) who will cover the top mistakes people make when pitching potential sponsors and media outlets.  Avoid these … [Read more...]

Early-Bird Workouts

At FitBloggin' we're all about providing lots of options for you to experience new things, including waking up at the crack of dawn to get your sweat on before a full day of conference happenings! On Friday morning, join Erin Kreitz Shirey for a morning boot camp like no other. Watch Mt. Hood shine as you do sprints along the water front. Learn about your own strength, as you embrace the beauty … [Read more...]

Discussion Overview: Hosting a Successful Twitter Party / G+ Hangout

Social media platforms are not created equal -- each one plays a unique role in publishing and aggregating content and engaging with consumers. It’s important to understand the role each social media channel plays in building your brand’s online personality. With the introduction of new channels or new uses for existing channels, it's important to stay ahead and of the curve and understand how to … [Read more...]