Live Blog: Clean Eating Discussion

FitBloggin13 participants used this discussion as a forum for sharing clean eating trials, triumphs, and tips.   About the Facilitators:  Minneapolis-based writer Nicole Navratil started her vegetarian blog, Pepperoni Is Not a Vegetable, just over three years ago. She is passionate about education, inspiring people to be mindful about their meat consumption, and connecting veggie … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Crossfit WOD Sponsored by Reebok

CrossFit WOD sponsored by Reebok The CrossFit WOD was led by Crossfit Reebok One coach, Matt and local CrossFit Affiliate coaches from the Portland area on the 6th floor of the Nines Hotel from 9:30-10:30 on Saturday June 29th. All levels were welcome to participate in this great fitness experience and interact with excellent coaches. There were roughly 50 participants. MATT: Welcome! Can … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Trout Lake Farm offsite tour

On Thursday, Nutrilite invited about 30 Fitbloggin' attendees to tour their Trout Lake farm. The farm is located in southwestern Washington, about 30 minutes north of Hood River, Oregon. On the way to the farm, the group stopped at Multnomah Falls. After a 30 minute or so stretch and walk break, it was on to the farm. At 700 acres, Trout Lake Farm is the largest organic herb in the United … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Dealing With Injuries

About The Speaker: Deb joined a gym and hired a personal trainer to help her lose her peri-menopausal 40# in 2006. That sparked an interest in fitness that led to her becoming a NASM-certified Personal Trainer blogging about her love of lifting and the challenges of post-menopausal fitness at Weight for Deb. Two major injuries slowed the workouts for two years as she recovered from shoulder … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Workshop: How to Create a Media Kit that Showcases Your Brand and Gets Companies Knocking on Your Door

A media kit is a promotional tool that bloggers can use to showcase their brand in an easily digestible format. Bloggers’ media kits typically include an intro, analytics, ad sizes/rates, PR policy, testimonials and more -plus they’re great leverage to make sure you can earn what you’re worth! You have a resume or CV for job prospects, right? A media kit is the blogging world equivalent (though … [Read more...]

Live Blog: EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique, aka “tapping) How-To Session Led by Karen C.L. Anderson

About the Facilitator: Karen C.L. Anderson (aka The Acceptance Whisperer) has practiced the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) since 2005 and now works with anyone who is ready to make peace with themselves, with others, with food, with money…with whatever they think is causing drama in their lives. Session begins: My name is Karen and I blog and I call myself the "Acceptance … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Hosting a Successful Twitter Party / G+ Hangout

This session was presented by Jamie Walker and Alyse Mason Brill, founders of FitApproach and SweatGuru.  Together they have over 15 years of experience in social media and look forward to sharing what they learned along the way.  They focused on the technique and benefits of hosting Twitter parties and Google Hangouts. First, what are the major differences between Twitter parties and Google … [Read more...]

Live Blog: How to Find the Perfect Shoe for You by Reebok

Are you always asking yourself, “What’s the real difference between a running and cross training shoe?” Are you curious about buzz words like “barefoot running,” “minimalism,” and “pronation”? Are you frustrated with the performance (or lack thereof) of your current shoes and looking for a better alternative? Well, Reebok is here to educate you about the footwear you use to pursue your … [Read more...]