FitBloggin’13 Recap Links and the Official T-Shirt!

This year we are collecting recap links on Facebook! If you attended and blogged about FitBloggin'13 please leave links in the comments on this post by clicking here. If you were not with us, take a moment to click through the links. It's a great way to see the conference through the eyes of those who were there. In addition to the recap links, we've heard some grumbles about there being no … [Read more...]

A Thank You From About-Face!

Since FitBloggin'11 we've made a donation in the name of the speakers who donate their time and expertise to be a part of our conference. In 2011, Shape Up America was surprised by our $1,500 gift. In 2012, we raised enough money to sponsor 2 elementary schools in the Morning Mile Program. This year we decided to support About-Face, a program that equips women and girls with tools to understand … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Tone Up Your Writing, From Pitch to Publish

The main objective of this session was to help bloggers better engage their readers with more vivid, organized writing. The session was intended to help bloggers who are aspiring magazine/web writers succeed with getting their articles published for pay. After attending this session attendees should have walked away with knowing ways to amp up their writing, improve their writing and fight … [Read more...]

Live Session: Building your blog through organic SEO social signals and image optimization

Speaker: Nicole Bullock @cuteculturechic Session begins Hi everyone, my name is Nicole Bullock and I blog over at cuteculturechic and beautyandthebypass. I have around 11 years experience blogging and previously worked 10 years in health care when I suddenly found myself unemployed. I spent quite some time T that point on the Internet and decided then to take advantage of the time and learned … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Optimizing Recovery

Speaker: Wendy Bazilian, DrPH, MA, RD . She owns her own private practice in San Diego California. An overview of post exercise nutrition: 1. Planning post-exercise food/drink choices 2. Chocolate milk and post exercise recovery research 3. Lifestyle Wellness…How well those come together? Post Exercise Recovery : Why sports nutrition is so important? (The Got Chocolate Team asked … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Getting Back from Gaining Back – Getting Past the Shame of Regain and Moving Forward from a Place of Enough

Small Discussion: Getting Back from Gaining Back – Getting Past the Shame of Regain and Moving Forward from a Place of Enough Led by: Margo Porras @shesnachomomma and Jennifer Sader @toledolefty Margo is proud to FINALLY be a Weight Watchers Lifetime Member (who has lost-then gained-then lost-then gained-then lost 73 lb). Often called “the lovechild of Nate Berkus and Charo”, Margo has lived … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Fit Bloggin’ Friday started off with a blast.

6am almost 50 people showed up for Boot Camp. This was a big jump from last year’s attendance for the class. Before heading outside to Pioneer Courthouse Square, everyone participated in a morning meet and greet as they were doing a warm-up. While doing Jumping jacks, Lunges, Butt kicks/running in place, Arm circles, Palms facing forward arms out pushing back and forth, Slow arm circles, … [Read more...]