Welcome SOYJOY. Real Fruit, Whole Soy, All Joy!

We are happy to announce that SOYJOY will join us this year as a FitBloggin’ 2012 sponsor! Join SOYJOY for a snack break to refuel after your morning wellness and nutrition sessions and sample one of two new delicious flavors, Dark Chocolate Cherry and Cranberry. Not only is SOYJOY gluten free, but its unbeatable combination of complete protein, complex carbs and fiber make it the perfect … [Read more...]

Welcome the American Cancer Society®!

FitBloggin’ is excited to announce the American Cancer Society DetermiNation® program as our charity sponsor for FitBloggin’ 2012! The DetermiNation program empowers individuals from all walks of life to “find their inner extraordinary” and help fight cancer by participating in a half-marathon or marathon. Providing professional training from experienced coaches and mentors and inspiration at … [Read more...]

Welcome BiPro!

BiPro is an all natural unflavored, whey protein isolate with no artificial sweeteners, fillers or bulking agents. For rigorous exercise and athletic training regimes, it is one of the highest quality proteins available and the only choice for the health conscious individual. BiPro is gluten-free and contains no carbs, fats, sugars, or lactose. Look for your sample in the the FitBloggin'12 … [Read more...]

Welcome McCormick!

FitBloggin’ is excited to announce our newest and most flavorful sponsor of the 2012 conference, McCormick & Company! McCormick spices and herbs power up meals with bold flavors like cinnamon, ginger, black pepper and oregano. Regularly adding these to your go-to fare is an easy, delicious step that can have a powerful impact – from boosting the antioxidant value of a meal to supporting … [Read more...]

Welcome Weight Watchers Cheese!

We're excited to announce Weight Watchers Cheese is sponsoring FitBloggin’12! Weight Watchers Cheese will host a special breakfast on Friday, Sept. 21 with some special cheese-inspired dishes to kick off the conference! … [Read more...]

Welcome Reebok!

FitBloggin' is excited to announce our latest sponsor, Reebok! Reebok has a heritage of empowering people to get fit – it’s part of the brand’s DNA. In the 1980s, Reebok was a major catalyst in the growth of the fitness movement, and through products such as the Freestyle, and programming like Step Reebok, Reebok led a new fitness movement that carried the brand to unprecedented … [Read more...]

Welcome Attune!

We are excited to announce Attune will be joining us as a FitBloggin' sponsor again this year! In your attendee gift box will be a box of Uncle Sam high-fiber cereal and a box of gluten-free Erewhon organic cereal. If you aren't familiar with these fabulous brands ... … [Read more...]