FitBloggin’ is excited to announce Nature Made as a sponsor!

Nature Made, the No. 1-selling broad line dietary supplement brand in food, drug, club and mass retailers, is revolutionizing the vitamin category with three innovative new products -- the latest example of how Nature Made holds itself to a higher standard, changing the way people take their vitamins. FitBloggin’ will be one of the first opportunities to learn about Nature Made’s new vitamin … [Read more...]

Perfectly Simple™ by ZonePerfect®

We are happy to announce that Perfectly Simple by ZonePerfect will join us this year as a FitBloggin’12 sponsor. In your gift bag you will find a Perfectly Simple™ bar, the newest addition to the ZonePerfect® nutrition bar brand, which combines a few wholesome ingredients with 10 grams of protein to satisfy the taste buds. Nothing more. Nothing less. … [Read more...]

Welcome BistroMD. Our Latest FitBloggin’ Sponsor!

Backed by years of nutritional science from a real expert, bistroMD is a convenient, healthy and delicious way to maintain successful weight loss. Most people equate losing weight to eating less food—food that is typically bland, unsatisfying and leaves them hungry for something more. So, what’s so different about the bistroMD experience? … [Read more...]

Buckwheat & Hemp: The newest kid on the Erewhon cereal block

The cereal aisle is one crowded spot in the grocery store. With all the options on the shelf, it’s sometimes hard to know what to buy and how to make a good choice, isn’t it? More Fiber! Improved Flavor! Whole Grain!... or is it? With so many messages vying for your attention from the front of the cereal box, let’s add one more to the mix: Supergrains. Okay, technically buckwheat and hemp … [Read more...]

Sign up for the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline BOUNCEcamp

JumpSport is THRILLED to be one of the sponsors for FitBloggin12. JumpSport Fitness Trampoline is the new generation of trampolines and offers a dynamic workout that really puts the FUN back into fitness. JumpSport will be hosting the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline BOUNCEcamp taught by their own Jeff McMullen (@jefffitnesspro) Saturday at 8 a.m.! … [Read more...]

Fun News from Popchips!

Hola tortilla. Adios guilt. Popchips just announced the launch of their naturally delicious line of popped tortilla chips and you’ll be some of the very first people to try them at Fitbloggin!  the new line is now available at select retailers and online here. The bold flavor, the crispy crunch -- what’s not to love about tortilla chips? Well, until now, the fat and calories, but thanks to the … [Read more...]

Got Chocolate Milk?

We’re excited to announce the Official REFUEL Beverage of FitBloggin’12 – Lowfat Chocolate Milk – and the REFUEL | “got chocolate milk?” campaign as our latest sponsor! Lowfat chocolate milk has what it takes to help you recover after a tough workout. It’s a natural for post-exercise recovery and offers several advantages over other commercial recovery drinks. The nutrient profile of chocolate … [Read more...]