Session Overview: Self-Acceptance & Weight Loss

Are you afraid that self-acceptance means you'll never lose weight? Does self-acceptance mean giving up? So many of us want to feel good in our skin AND want to lose a few pounds. Are these two things incompatible and mutually exclusive? Or is it possible for them to exist side by side? For both things to be true? … [Read more...]

Session Overview: When You Have a Lot to Lose

There is no question that having to lose any kind of significant amount of weight is not only physically demanding but also mentally tough to accept. All weight loss is challenging, but when you wake up in the morning and resign yourself to having to lose more than 100 pounds, it can feel insurmountable. Tara and Meegan don't want anyone to be afraid to attend FitBloggin 12 because they think … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Transition from Blog to Book

Your awesome blogging style and niche point of view are only tiny factors in whether your book idea gets published. You have to write a great proposal in the correct format, emphasizing all the important points in just the right way for agents and editors to take notice. Join bestselling health author Liz Neporent at FitBloggin' when she shares the secrets of writing a winning non-fiction book … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Using Social Media to Drive Blog Traffic

So many of us love Facebook for personal use and staying in touch with friends. What if you could use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest and other social media channels to increase blog traffic and build a stronger community? With existing social media sites gaining more mainstream popularity and new sites appearing monthly, how do you determine which are the best ones for increasing blog … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Harness the Power of YouTube

YouTube receives more than 4 billion views per day, a 50 percent increase from just a year ago. As YouTube puts it, “That’s the equivalent of every U.S. resident watching at least nine videos per day.” It is one of the best venues to build your brand through video blogs and tutorials. While only 3 billion of those views are being monetized, the top 500 YouTube partners are making well into the six … [Read more...]