Session Overview: Growing an Online Community Through Twitter

#runchat is a twice a month chat on Twitter. It was started June 2010 as a way for runners of all levels to connect with each other, to share tips, to get advice and, quite simply, to have fun. Join David Hylton (@runningbecause) and Scott Miles (@irunnerblog), co-moderators of #runchat, to discuss growing and building an online community through Twitter, as well as other social media … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Turn Your Post into an Article

Sometimes blog posts are so good, so inspired, that they want to grow into other forms. Susan Ito, blogger, editor, writer and writing teacher, will guide a hands-on workshop (bring your favorite blog post!) and show you how to determine if that blog post is destined for greatness as a magazine article or a personal essay, and then how to shape and polish it into a piece that will catch an … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Drive More Traffic Through SEO

Are you writing for your mom and distant relatives, or actually trying to grow an audience on your blog? If traffic is important then SEO needs to be a part of your strategy. Brandi Koskie is the director of publishing at, where SEO and organic traffic are the name of the game! The leading health site's stories, reviews, and news are regularly found on page one of Google and … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Find Success as a Freelance Writer

Whether a writer wants to "just get my stuff out there" or to expand an audience beyond one’s own blog, guest-posting and other freelance opportunities can propel a writer into the spotlight like never before! But most freelance jobs are more work than they are benefit to a writer -- dead-end and unsuccessful at earning the notice of new readers. … [Read more...]

Session Overview: How Do You Attract Traditional Media?

So many bloggers know exactly what to do when it comes to blogging and social media, but what happens when you decide to expand your horizons and attract "old media," such as TV, radio, magazines and newspapers, to help get more awareness to your sites, more traffic, subscribers and followers? … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Reach Out From Your Keyboard and Connect

Kara Richardson Whitely was never one to attract attention. In fact, when her weight topped 360 pounds, she hid from the world. Like many people who struggle with their weight, she struggled between intention and action. She had a secret longing to be a hiker girl, the trouble was, she would pine over adventure travel magazines while eating a king-size Kit Kat bar. … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Blogging – How Much is Too Much?

As bloggers we write about our lives, weight loss, families, fitness and everything in between! Some share EVERYTHING, others not so much. Where do you fall in? In real life, we keep weigh-ins, diet slip-ups, family drama and your cat’s bowel movements to our close inner circle, but blogging has blurred the lines of what is acceptable to share. Let’s chat about reality blogging and how … [Read more...]