Ignite Fitness Videos Posted!

14 bloggers. 5 minutes each. The FitBloggin'12 Keynote was a fun, entertaining, emotional event. What's that you say? You missed it? Well, have no fear. It was recorded! You can see them all here ... … [Read more...]

New Session: How to Quit Without Saying the Word

Have your fantasies of pursuing a long time dream started to become real? Or have you decided the group you joined isn't really working out anymore? Don't get stuck in the endless cycle of continuing for fear of being a "quitter." After nine years of climbing the corporate ladder, Amanda choose to press pause and say "yes" to the opportunities surrounding her passion. While feeling nervous, … [Read more...]

Session Update: Attracting Local Media & Finding Success as a Freelance Writer

Unfortunately, we were recently notified that two speakers are not able to attend the conference for personal reasons, leaving a hole in the schedule. Fortunately, FitBloggin has some pretty smart friends. Carla Birnberg, aka MizFitOnline, will be stepping up to share her knowledge on the topics of Attracting Traditional Media & Finding Success as a Freelance Writer -- two things she's … [Read more...]

Join Reebok and Experience the Sport of Fitness on Friday Morning with a CrossFit WOD

Reebok is so excited to be one of the sponsors of FitBloggin’ 12. Come join Reebok for a CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) on Friday morning at 8AM. CrossFit is a sport that encompasses community, competition, camaraderie and results. The work will be an introductory CrossFit WOD and we can scale the movements to your ability level. We will be doing Air Squats, Push Ups and some Jumping, and in … [Read more...]

MrsFatass to teach Zumba!

Last year at Fitbloggin’ she was front row center for the Zumba Fitness® Master Class, so excited to share with her blog buddies the excitement, fun, and SWEAT that is part of Zumba. Fast-forward a year and a half, and she’s now a full time Zumba Fitness instructor, ready to teach what she calls “the absolute best gig ever”, a Zumba class at Fitbloggin’! … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Blogging and Branding

“Branding? I don’t need no stinking branding! I’m not a big shot like Coca-Cola. They have a brand, not me. I’m just a humble blogger.” You might want to sit down as I break the news to you -- you do have a brand. And everything you do every day affects that brand. So, what is a brand? How can branding improve my blog? Can it improve my life? … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Growing the Good Economy Together – one post, tweet and comment at a time.

At DailyFeats, our vision is a world where people reach their potential, every day. We think that one of the ways to achieve this is to actively participate in The Good Economy - an economy fueled by doing positive, healthy actions every day to cause shifts in society for the greater good. Like every other attendee at FitBloggin’, we use the web to change people’s lives - through inspiration, … [Read more...]

Session Overview: The Business of Blogging

In the world of social media, there are lots of people who will try and “blow smoke up your ass” especially when it comes to making money. And there is really no way of knowing who’s telling you the truth UNLESS you’ve been working with PR for a while. So let’s face it, fitness/health blogging is a newer niche and with new niches comes new challenges. We’ve seen mom bloggers make money for years … [Read more...]