SEO for Bloggers – Call for Volunteers!

I'm looking for a couple of great blogs to use as examples in my SEO for Bloggers presentation at Fitbloggin' this year. If you're up for a little constructive critiquing in front of a crowd, then shoot your URL my way! The only "qualification" for inclusion is that you have to attend the SEO for Bloggers session. That way, you and the entire room can learn new best practices for expanding your … [Read more...]

Welcome SOYJOY. Real Fruit, Whole Soy, All Joy!

We are happy to announce that SOYJOY will join us this year as a FitBloggin’ 2012 sponsor! Join SOYJOY for a snack break to refuel after your morning wellness and nutrition sessions and sample one of two new delicious flavors, Dark Chocolate Cherry and Cranberry. Not only is SOYJOY gluten free, but its unbeatable combination of complete protein, complex carbs and fiber make it the perfect … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Growing the Good Economy Together – one post, tweet and comment at a time.

At DailyFeats, our vision is a world where people reach their potential, every day. We think that one of the ways to achieve this is to actively participate in The Good Economy - an economy fueled by doing positive, healthy actions every day to cause shifts in society for the greater good. Like every other attendee at FitBloggin’, we use the web to change people’s lives - through inspiration, … [Read more...]

Welcome “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.”!

We’re thrilled to announce "Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.", which is funded by the beef checkoff, as our newest FitBloggin’ 2012 sponsor! “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” will host the Be BOLD With Beef Wellness Session where they’ll be discussing new research that sets the record straight and shows that lean beef can be part of a heart-healthy diet. Author, speaker and nutritional consultant … [Read more...]

Welcome the American Cancer Society®!

FitBloggin’ is excited to announce the American Cancer Society DetermiNation® program as our charity sponsor for FitBloggin’ 2012! The DetermiNation program empowers individuals from all walks of life to “find their inner extraordinary” and help fight cancer by participating in a half-marathon or marathon. Providing professional training from experienced coaches and mentors and inspiration at … [Read more...]

30 FitBloggin’12 Assistantships!

Thanks to all our generous sponsors this year, we are able to make more volunteer style positions available then ever before! We are doing things a little differently this year. These aren't traditional "volunteer" positions or your run-of-the-mill "scholarships." FitBloggin' will now be accepting applications for 30 assistantships to help bloggers who are unable to attend the conference for … [Read more...]

Welcome BiPro!

BiPro is an all natural unflavored, whey protein isolate with no artificial sweeteners, fillers or bulking agents. For rigorous exercise and athletic training regimes, it is one of the highest quality proteins available and the only choice for the health conscious individual. BiPro is gluten-free and contains no carbs, fats, sugars, or lactose. Look for your sample in the the FitBloggin'12 … [Read more...]