FitBloggin’ is excited to announce Nature Made as a sponsor!

Nature Made, the No. 1-selling broad line dietary supplement brand in food, drug, club and mass retailers, is revolutionizing the vitamin category with three innovative new products -- the latest example of how Nature Made holds itself to a higher standard, changing the way people take their vitamins. FitBloggin’ will be one of the first opportunities to learn about Nature Made’s new vitamin … [Read more...]

All Your FitBloggin’12 Questions Answered!

It's about time to answer as many questions as possible so everyone feels prepared and ready to come and enjoy themselves at FitBloggin'12! If you have any questions not answered in this post, please leave a comment and we will add it in! … [Read more...]

Join Reebok and Experience the Sport of Fitness on Friday Morning with a CrossFit WOD

Reebok is so excited to be one of the sponsors of FitBloggin’ 12. Come join Reebok for a CrossFit WOD (Workout of the Day) on Friday morning at 8AM. CrossFit is a sport that encompasses community, competition, camaraderie and results. The work will be an introductory CrossFit WOD and we can scale the movements to your ability level. We will be doing Air Squats, Push Ups and some Jumping, and in … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’ 5k isn’t only for Newbies!

No matter how many big long races you've done, a 5K is fabulous distance to tackle. Julia Jones, coach at Up & Running online running courses, explains to add sparkle to your training at with the Fitbloggin 5K... In my grand scheme to get every woman on the planet to try running at least once, I organized a race. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, there’d be politics and red tape involved (I … [Read more...]

Perfectly Simple™ by ZonePerfect®

We are happy to announce that Perfectly Simple by ZonePerfect will join us this year as a FitBloggin’12 sponsor. In your gift bag you will find a Perfectly Simple™ bar, the newest addition to the ZonePerfect® nutrition bar brand, which combines a few wholesome ingredients with 10 grams of protein to satisfy the taste buds. Nothing more. Nothing less. … [Read more...]

Welcome BistroMD. Our Latest FitBloggin’ Sponsor!

Backed by years of nutritional science from a real expert, bistroMD is a convenient, healthy and delicious way to maintain successful weight loss. Most people equate losing weight to eating less food—food that is typically bland, unsatisfying and leaves them hungry for something more. So, what’s so different about the bistroMD experience? … [Read more...]