New Session: How to Quit Without Saying the Word

Have your fantasies of pursuing a long time dream started to become real? Or have you decided the group you joined isn't really working out anymore? Don't get stuck in the endless cycle of continuing for fear of being a "quitter." After nine years of climbing the corporate ladder, Amanda choose to press pause and say "yes" to the opportunities surrounding her passion. While feeling nervous, … [Read more...]

Welcome back Anchor Bay Entertainment!

This leading distributor of best selling fitness DVDs will be on hand to tell you what’s coming in the months ahead from 10 Minute Solution, Element, Dance off the Inches and more. Stop by their booth for a free DVD and a chance to win their exciting new fitness kit from Weight Watchers! Check out Anchor Bay Entertainment online here and follow Anchor Bay’s fitness news on Facebook at Anchor … [Read more...]

McCormick Spices Up FitBloggin’!

McCormick understands “Generation Fresh,” a movement of food lovers all across the country who are committed to making more meals at home, rooted in the belief that home cooking is inherently healthier. That’s why McCormick is celebrating Generation Fresh and inspiring people to make more wholesome meals at home with the help of flavorful herbs and spices. As part of the celebration, McCormick … [Read more...]

Are you Ready to Run with the Early-Birds?

The Fitbloggin 5K will be kicking off off bright and early at 7 a.m. Sunday, September 23! Are you a morning exerciser? Or does the thought of pre-breakfast exertion make you want to throw your alarm clock at the wall? Former night-owl Julia from Up & Running shares how and why she learned to get up with the birds. This summer I made the slow but purposeful switch from being an … [Read more...]

Session Update: Attracting Local Media & Finding Success as a Freelance Writer

Unfortunately, we were recently notified that two speakers are not able to attend the conference for personal reasons, leaving a hole in the schedule. Fortunately, FitBloggin has some pretty smart friends. Carla Birnberg, aka MizFitOnline, will be stepping up to share her knowledge on the topics of Attracting Traditional Media & Finding Success as a Freelance Writer -- two things she's … [Read more...]

PuraVit Body – Power your body for peak performance

PuraVit is so excited to be taking part in Fit Bloggin’ 2012! As an avid supporter of healthy and active living, PuraVit is proud to be a sponsor of this year’s event. At PuraVit, we believe in finding simple and convenient solutions to help you reach better health by creating personalized vitamins tailored to your needs and lifestyle. … [Read more...]

Yoga Photo Booth!

We are excited to announce that the brand-new blog Grow Soul Beautiful be hosting a yoga photobooth at Fitbloggin' at the Expo on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The mission of Grow Soul Beautiful is to blend yoga, photography and soul nourishment to guide athletes to embrace their beautiful inside and outside. Running a marathon is about more than the finish line, practicing yoga is about … [Read more...]