Share Your Extraordinary with DetermiNation

As the official sponsor of birthdays, the American Cancer Society knows about celebrating extraordinary achievements - big and small. We believe it’s not just record-setting athletes or championship coaches who aspire to push their limits. It’s also everyday people who set and achieve their personal goals and strive to excel on their own terms. In other words, to define their own … [Read more...]

McCormick Spices Up FitBloggin’!

McCormick understands “Generation Fresh,” a movement of food lovers all across the country who are committed to making more meals at home, rooted in the belief that home cooking is inherently healthier. That’s why McCormick is celebrating Generation Fresh and inspiring people to make more wholesome meals at home with the help of flavorful herbs and spices. As part of the celebration, McCormick … [Read more...]

Are you Ready to Run with the Early-Birds?

The Fitbloggin 5K will be kicking off off bright and early at 7 a.m. Sunday, September 23! Are you a morning exerciser? Or does the thought of pre-breakfast exertion make you want to throw your alarm clock at the wall? Former night-owl Julia from Up & Running shares how and why she learned to get up with the birds. This summer I made the slow but purposeful switch from being an … [Read more...]

Yoga Photo Booth!

We are excited to announce that the brand-new blog Grow Soul Beautiful be hosting a yoga photobooth at Fitbloggin' at the Expo on Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. The mission of Grow Soul Beautiful is to blend yoga, photography and soul nourishment to guide athletes to embrace their beautiful inside and outside. Running a marathon is about more than the finish line, practicing yoga is about … [Read more...]

All Your FitBloggin’12 Questions Answered!

It's about time to answer as many questions as possible so everyone feels prepared and ready to come and enjoy themselves at FitBloggin'12! If you have any questions not answered in this post, please leave a comment and we will add it in! … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’ 5k isn’t only for Newbies!

No matter how many big long races you've done, a 5K is fabulous distance to tackle. Julia Jones, coach at Up & Running online running courses, explains to add sparkle to your training at with the Fitbloggin 5K... In my grand scheme to get every woman on the planet to try running at least once, I organized a race. I knew it wouldn’t be easy, there’d be politics and red tape involved (I … [Read more...]