Ignite Fitness Videos Posted!

14 bloggers. 5 minutes each. The FitBloggin'12 Keynote was a fun, entertaining, emotional event. What's that you say? You missed it? Well, have no fear. It was recorded! You can see them all here ... … [Read more...]

A Thank You from Morning Mile

If you didn’t know, FitBloggin’ Speaker positions are on a volunteer basis. Every year, we pay our speaker's kindness forward in the form of a donation to a non-profit that shares our mission to foster a culture of health and wellness. We believe that through technology, blogging and social media we can make a difference, and we are. A donation was made in the name of the FitBloggin'12 … [Read more...]

5 tips for a fab Fitbloggin 5K

The Fitbloggin 5K is almost here! Here’s five tips from running coach Julia Jones of Up & Running to help you have a great race. The Fitbloggin 5K will be a super fun morning: you’ll be surrounded by all your Fitbloggin friends... and running! Before you go to the starting line here's a few tips for making this a perfect race. I completely understand you might forget all my advice due to … [Read more...]