Live blog: Transition from Blog to Book

In Transition from Blog to Book, bestselling health author Liz Neporent shares the secrets of writing a winning non-fiction book proposal, including how to avoid common rookie mistakes and how to create a pitch package that sells. Liz has published 15 books, with 5 on the best seller list. Liz started writing in magazines and newspapers, and has since published in Shape, Fitness, NY Times, … [Read more...]

LiveBlog: Growing an Online Community Through Twitter with Amy Lupold Bair

Amy Lupold Bair, blogger, social media marketer, and mom, is the founder of Resourceful Mommy Media. In 2008, Amy burst onto the social media scene inventing the Twitter Party – a hashtagged social event with panelists and a conversational theme catering to the needs of clients and communities. Today she's discussing how to grow an online community through Twitter. “I tweet incessantly,” … [Read more...]

LIVE BLOG: Turn Your Post into an Article

Sometimes blog posts are so good, so inspired, that they want to grow into other forms. Susan Ito, blogger, editor, writer and writing teacher, will guide a hands-on workshop and show you how to determine if that blog post is destined for greatness as a magazine article or a personal essay, and then how to shape and polish it into a piece that will catch an editor’s attention. SUSAN: Hello and … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Early Bird Workout-Yoga

Bright (it was still dark out, but you get the picture) and early Friday morning, Fitbloggin' attendees had the pleasure of attending a yoga class with Sara Mogensen. Sara teaches at Franklin Street Yoga in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. She started class off with a quote that really resonated with me. "Yogis like to sleep in too!" The brave souls that woke up before the sun were all ready to … [Read more...]

Live Blog: How to Quit Without Saying the Word

Have your fantasies of pursuing a long time dream started to become real? Or have you decided the group you joined isn’t really working out anymore? Don’t get stuck in the endless cycle of continuing for fear of being a “quitter.” Amanda will provide real life stories and tips on how to make the leap following your passion without burning a bridge or storming the castle. … [Read more...]

Live Blog: The Business of Blogging

In the world of social media, there's lots of people who will try to "blow smoke up your ass" especially when it comes to making money. And there really is no way of knowing who's telling you the truth unless you've worked with PR for a while. So Leah Segedie, of Bookieboo LLC is going to help us sort it all out. Leah: Sitting for long periods of time drives her insane so we should all stand … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Harness the Power of YouTube

Sarah Dussault, one of the most viewed fitness personalities on YouTube, presents this session where attendees will learn how to create high-quality video content that will not only drive traffic to your blog, it will increase audience retention and earn money, too. YouTube has been rolling out new features to help promote fitness and health videos over the past year. It sees value in fitness … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Self Acceptance and Weight Loss

 Are self acceptance and weight loss mutually exclusive? This panel discussion led by Karen, Mara, and Shauna will introduce the concept of self-acceptance and facilitate a meaningful discussion about the relationship between self-acceptance, body image, health at every size, and weight loss. … [Read more...]