Live Blog: When You Have a Lot To Lose

Everyone who has struggled with trying to lose weight knows that it’s a frustrating, bumpy process. For those who have over 100 pounds to lose, it can seem like a never-ending cycle that others can’t relate to. This session is moderated by Emily Sandford of Skinny Emmie, who has lost over 110 pounds and is the founder of Authentically Social.  Emily: This is my favorite session. This is a … [Read more...]

Ignite Fitness Videos Posted!

14 bloggers. 5 minutes each. The FitBloggin'12 Keynote was a fun, entertaining, emotional event. What's that you say? You missed it? Well, have no fear. It was recorded! You can see them all here ... … [Read more...]

A Thank You from Morning Mile

If you didn’t know, FitBloggin’ Speaker positions are on a volunteer basis. Every year, we pay our speaker's kindness forward in the form of a donation to a non-profit that shares our mission to foster a culture of health and wellness. We believe that through technology, blogging and social media we can make a difference, and we are. A donation was made in the name of the FitBloggin'12 … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Drive More Traffic Through SEO

Diets in Review Screen Shot at Fitbloggin 12

Brandi Koskie, the director of publishing at is proficient in SEO best practices and the simple and effective tricks of the trade that can help grow traffic and visibility for your blog. She shared that knowledge in the following Fitbloggin 12 session: Drive More Traffic Through SEO Session begins: I’m Brandi Koskie the director of publishing at something I … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Better Blog Design on a Budget

Blog design is a combination of aesthetic as well as function.  In our everyday lives we are all designers.  Look know further than the appliances you surround yourself with in your home and how you utilize them. When creating a blog you have two choices with design: hire Someone or DIY.  There is the saying that you get what you pay for so keep that in mind. When hiring a blog designer … [Read more...]