Attune Foods’ sponsored breakfast and Q&A panel

Attune foods’ believes what matters most is what’s inside- inside your body and inside the food you are eating. They make foods for digestive health like Uncle Sam high fiber cereals, Erewhon organic certified gluten free cereals and attune certified gluten free chocolate probiotic bars. Get excited because they are going to sponsoring breakfast and a coinciding Q&A on Friday … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Vlogging 101: Break into Video Blogging

What can.... give you credibility, content, celebrity status, and circulation? help your site’s SEO and Google Ranking? give you a presence on YouTube – the 2nd most used search engine? help prove that you are trustworthy? lead to bigger and better things such as speaking gigs or book deals? Video can! And it's not as hard as you may think. Join Jendi Pagano … [Read more...]

Session Overview: From Hobbyist to Professional: Take Blogging to the Next Level

If you enjoy blogging as a hobby but are interested in taking it to the next level, don't miss this session! Join Esther (ShePosts), Jen (PriorFatGirl), Josie (Yum Yucky) and Ryan (No More Bacon) as they share their insight in taking blogging from Hobbyist to Professional. You'll leave the session knowing... simple blog design tweaks to increase your daily dollars. outside the box methods … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Finding the Humor in it: Growing your blog one laugh at a time.

Does Fit Blogging have to be serious? According to our panel, Finding the Humor in it: Growing your blog one laugh at a time, the answer is a resounding NO! From the satire of Jack Sh*t, the raw honesty of Operation Shrink Charlie’s Big Butt, or the snark of MrsFatass, each participant on this panel has their own way of using humor to share their story. This session will deal with keeping ideas … [Read more...]