Fitness blogs on the stage!

Join Paolo Sambrano and Susan Ito ("Foodie McBody") as their fitness blogs come to life on the stage! Paolo is not above lying to the clerk at Popeye's, saying that the 24 piece chicken strip meal he's buying is for his family when what he really intends is to construct chicken strip-biscuit-french fry-mashed potato sandwiches while watching Star Trek: The Next Generation in the dark. Between … [Read more...]

Session Overview: Building an Online Community: Balancing, Monetizing and Inspiring!

Building community is necessary for the success of your blog. You'll need to not only inspire your community but balance it with a monetizing strategy. Join us for Building an Online Community: Balancing, Monetizing and Inspiring were we will discuss: How to build real life events to create a community that can transition seamlessly from offline to online and back. How to spread the … [Read more...]

Submit your web site for critique in the “Design 101” session

Part of the "Design 101" session will include a design critique of blogs written by participants brave enough to submit their sites for public review. As part of her session, web designer Jennette Fulda from Make My Blog Pretty will point out areas for improvement in your design and highlight the things you're doing right. She promises not to make you cry. If you're interested in potentially … [Read more...]

Welcome The Laughing Cow®!

Join us Friday for the panel, The Laughing Cow Community Leader Model: Exploring The Relationship Between Blogger and Brand where we will... Discuss how The Laughing Cow is growing their community by fostering a connection between prospective community members through current community leaders with expertise in the following fields: fitness, food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Community … [Read more...]

The Science of Fitness and Nutrition Trends with New Balance Fitness Ambassador Holly Perkins

Join New Balance Fitness Ambassador Holly Perkins for an in-depth discussion about emerging workout and diet trends and the science behind these latest developments. Holly will cover topics that include metabolic workouts, choosing proper footwear, women & cravings and nutrient timing around workouts. You won’t want to miss this fun, informative and interactive session! Holly's session is … [Read more...]