Liveblog/Finding the Humor in It: Growing Your Blog One Laugh at a Time

Does Fit Blogging have to be serious? According to the panel, the answer is a resounding NO! From the satire of Jack Sh*t, the raw honesty of Operation Shrink Charlie’s Big Butt, or the snark of MrsFatass, each participant on this panel has their own way of using humor to share their story. This session will deal with keeping ideas fresh, finding inspiration, and allowing even the most … [Read more...]

Live Blog | Move to Self Hosting: Everything you need to know to make the switch

Welcome to the liveblog of Fitbloggin'11 panel:  Move to Self Hosting: Everything you need to know to make the switch. Have you been blogging with WordPress and Blogger, but are ready to move over to your own domain? Or are you ready to take the big leap from the very start? Join Gina Wright of for the presentation Move to Self Hosting: Everything you need to know to make the … [Read more...]

Live Blog | SEO for Fitness Bloggers

This session covers some basic (ethical) search engine optimization practices you can implement right away, to help search engines find you when potential readers search on the terms you wish to rank for. But once you start getting all that traffic, the question becomes “What do you do with it?” This session covers that too. Thanks for Matt of for a great session. … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Vlogging 101 Break into Video Blogging

Do you know how video can help your blog??  The Sky’s the limit with tips from Jendi Pagano. The statistics are exciting and are waiting for you to leverage them!! -          People communicate 7% by words and 55% by body language. -          People retain 10% of what they read and 20% of they hear and 50% of what they read and hear. -          Video gives a 53% better chance of being … [Read more...]

Liveblog | Better Blog Photography

Photos should make a good blog post even better. It doesn’t take a fortune in software and equipment to be an effective photographer. Jim Doran will walk you through: the basics of digital photography choosing a camera software options for photo editing tips for getting great results with what you already have to work with … [Read more...]

Liveblog | Building an Online Community: Balancing, Monetizing and Inspiring!

Building community is necessary for the success of your blog. You need to not only inspire your community but balance it with a monetizing strategy. Join us for Building an Online Community: Balancing, Monetizing and Inspiring with Kate Brown, Community Manager at The Daily Burn , Christy Mensi of Shrinking Jeans, Jacqueline Carly of Fiatrella and Julie Anderson from Chubby Mommy Running Club. … [Read more...]

Live Blog / From Hobbyist to Professional: Taking Blogging To The Next Level

Welcome to the live blog on From Hobbyist to Professional: Taking Blogging to the Next Level. If you hope to take blogging to the next level, then follow along with a panel that can share insight on taking a blog from a hobby to a professional standing. Join Esther (ShePosts), Jen (PriorFatGirl), Josie (Yum Yucky)and Ryan (No More Bacon) to hear their tips on design, blog exposure, engaging … [Read more...]