Live Blog: OPTIMIZING RECOVERY: Maximizing Post-Exercise Nutrition

This session was captured by Kristi of Becoming Supersonic. Dr. Wendy Bazilian is a writer, researcher, educator, food enthusiast, and award-willing journalist with a PhD in public health currently working in private practice. Dr. Bazilian’s talk was divided into three parts; an overview of good post-exercise nutrition, planning post-exercise food/drink choices and chocolate milk and … [Read more...]

Live Blog: #sweatpink Yoga

SweatPink Yoga is a fusion of yoga and boot camp designed to give you a total body workout that will jump-start your metabolism and boost your cardiovascular endurance by combining strength training, flexibility, cardio and balance. SweatPink Yoga is taught by Fit Approach founder Jamie Walker, a certified yoga instructor, NASM-certified, ultramarathon runner and fitness fanatic. The room … [Read more...]

LiveBlog: Blogging 101 – Breaking into health and fitness blogging

Monica Olivas of presented "Blogging 101 - Breaking into health and fitness blogging." Her presentation is here. Click here for the webinar This talk applies to WordPress, tumblr, blogger, etc. Free blogging platforms offer your space  as a subdomain, such as Check to make sure your domain is available if moving to self hosting. It's also … [Read more...]

Liveblog | Branding: Not Just For the Big Dogs

You don’t BRAND yourself once and call it done – you refine, revamp and return to your brand with every post. Think, “if this were the day that The New York Times/Oprah Winfrey/my grandmother saw my blog, would it fulfill my mission statement?” Branding: Not Just For the Big Dogs, presented by Katy Widrick and Jess Milcetich, covered these topics and left attendees with a to-do list of easy, … [Read more...]

Blogger Responsibility – Live Blogging

Session was formed partially in response to the Marie Clare article that bashed fitness bloggers as little more that woefully misguided obsessive compulsives.  Please not the author of that article had an eating disorder herself because it seemed she picked and choose information to fit an agenda she was on.  Even though that article was a hyperbole of an inaccurate situation it did help set the … [Read more...]

Live Blog | Know Your Stats: Mining Your Website Analytics to Improve Your Blog

Do you know how long people are on your site? Can you tell a potential advertiser the percentage of traffic clicks through to the outgoing links you write about? Or, how many people tried to fill out your contact me form and failed? Scott Stawarz of,, and answers these questions and more during this session. … [Read more...]

LiveBlog/Ditch The Diet: Eat Intuitively

The Ditch The Diet: Eat Intuitively panel, Karen C.L Anderson of Before & After: A Real Life Story, Katie Heddleston of Healthy Heddleston, Christie Inge of Nourishing Circle and Shauna Reid of The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl, is all about introducing you to an alternative view. … [Read more...]