FitBloggin’11 101 – All Your Conference Questions Answered!

In exactly two weeks we will be kicking off the FitBloggin'11 festivities! I can hardly believe it myself! But look... I'm not exaggerating... It's time to answer as many questions as possible so everyone feels prepared and ready to come and enjoy themselves! Please also help us prepare by filling out this SUPER SHORT survey. Click here and let us know when you plan on arriving and what … [Read more...]

Welcome Back Anchor Bay!

Welcome back Anchor Bay Entertainment! This leading distributor of best selling fitness DVDs will be on hand to tell you what’s coming in the months ahead from 10 Minute Solution, Element, Dance off the Inches and more. Stop by their booth for a free DVD! … [Read more...]

Welcome The Laughing Cow®!

Join us Friday for the panel, The Laughing Cow Community Leader Model: Exploring The Relationship Between Blogger and Brand where we will... Discuss how The Laughing Cow is growing their community by fostering a connection between prospective community members through current community leaders with expertise in the following fields: fitness, food, nutrition and healthy lifestyle. Community … [Read more...]

The Science of Fitness and Nutrition Trends with New Balance Fitness Ambassador Holly Perkins

Join New Balance Fitness Ambassador Holly Perkins for an in-depth discussion about emerging workout and diet trends and the science behind these latest developments. Holly will cover topics that include metabolic workouts, choosing proper footwear, women & cravings and nutrient timing around workouts. You won’t want to miss this fun, informative and interactive session! Holly's session is … [Read more...]