Get your GRUVE on at FitBloggin’10

FitBloggin' is so excited to welcome Gruve as a sponsor. The Gruve™ is a personalized, wearable device that precisely tracks your daily calorie burn whether you are walking, playing with the kids or taking the stairs. Reach your Gruve generated activity goal for the day and the Halo light bar will glow green when pressed. Sit for too long and Gruve will remind you to move with a friendly … [Read more...]

We Have Stickers People.

With all the planning and organizing going on these last few weeks (OMG we are down to weeks!) one thing got us real excited here in the FitBloggin' camp. The official FitBloggin' sticker has arrived. Ok, ok, so only Roni was really the only one that excited but seriously... how cool is THAT?! Note: As you can tell from my other stickers I'm a runner who loves Wordpress and Firefox. :) … [Read more...]

Can’t Make it to FitBloggin’10? Run with us Virtually!

Donna from Family Fitness Files has come up with an AWESOME idea! Let me quote her. . . “Hey, just because I can’t be there doesn’t mean that I can’t do a 5K.” So that’s what I’m going to do. And all of you fellow non-attendees are invited to join me. On March 20, I will be hopping on my treadmill and doing 3.1 miles. I don’t care so much about the time, although I’d like to finish in less … [Read more...]


It's official. We've sold out! This is very exciting for the first ever FitBloggin' conference. Some of you are inquiring about additional tickets. We will keep you posted if that is possible and will make announcements next week. … [Read more...]

Anyone up for a Run/Walk with New Balance?

Join New Balance the morning of FitBloggin'10, Saturday, for a 1 mile walk or 5k fun run. Participation is limited to conference attendees and you must sign up by February 19th if you are interested. New Balance will be bringing shoes and apparel for everyone to try! Click here to sign up for the Run/Walk and provide your size information. I'll see you bright and early the morning of the … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’ Bloggers Already Motivating!

I knew the Bloggers that would attend FitBloggin' would be an energetic, motivated, inspirational bunch but I didn't think they'd already be stepping up the to the plate! Heather of Then Heather Said has set a personal goal to participate in a race in all 50 states (How stinkin' cool is that?!?) She found a race in Maryland the weekend of FitBloggin and has invited all of us to join her! The … [Read more...]

Body Image and Blogging: What are we teaching our kids?

“Young girls are more afraid of becoming FAT than they are of cancer, nuclear war, or losing their parents.” -Lisa Bergins, Dying To Be Thin The Body Image and Blogging session will focus on body image and how you express your feelings about yourself on your blog. Would you be proud to have your children, and/or family members read your words? What have you expressed about your … [Read more...]