Session Overview: HTML, CSS and Other Code Bloggers Should Know (or at Least be Familiar With)

Do your eyes cross when you open the code-view of your blog? Don’t worry...We can help! If you want to be able to make minor updates to your blog’s HTML and/or CSS but have no idea where to start, this presentation is for you. This presentation is for bloggers who have no prior knowledge of HTML and/or CSS. If looking at the code behind your blog makes your head spin, let me help you learn how to … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’14 Fun Run Routes!

Join us Sunday morning for breakfast and the traditional FitBloggin' Fun Run. It's a great way to say goodbye to your conference friends and leave on an active note. We are providing 1 mile-ish, 5k and 10k options to meet all fitness levels. Take a stroll with your friends or challenge your running buddies to a race -- either way there is no pressure or shame in choosing the route that's right … [Read more...]

Small Discussion Overview: Use Your Words to Change Your Life

Join Alexandra for Use Your Words to Change Your Life, where you will: Gain insights into your self-talk, and how your thoughts (even the unconscious ones) affect your emotions, health and well-being Choose new words to replace habitual, unhelpful ones Create a written list of phrases to help you create new habits Learn the ABC Model developed by Aaron Beck so you can gain insights into … [Read more...]

Welcome Ninja!

Ninja is excited to bring hydration and nutrition to this year’s FitBloggin’ with the help of our brand new blending solution, the Nutri Ninja™! Wither you are jumpstarting a healthy lifestyle or are a fitness enthusiast, the Nutri Ninja™ is the most convenient way to enjoy the full natural benefits of your favorite foods. The Nutri Ninja™ is capable of breaking through ice, skins, seeds, and … [Read more...]

Sign Up for the Ghost Tour Add-On!

You can't come all the way down to Savannah and NOT take a ghost tour. Am I right? Recognizing how jam packed our schedule is, we did our best to align with a tour company and offer an opportunity toward the end of the Welcome Mixer on Thursday night. Unfortunately we were unable to get this event 100% sponsored and at this time there is only room for 60. However, tickets are only $5 for … [Read more...]