Writing Lab: Revision Circuit Training

For some bloggers, first drafts are the fun part. Or they may be the only draft. Sometimes, revision can feel overwhelming or tedious. But it can also be fun and rewarding, (and important for readers and sponsors that it’s the best it can be!) especially when broken down into manageable components. Come to the Revision Circuit Training at FitBloggin' with one printed draft of a blog post. … [Read more...]

Nutrition for Runners and Triathletes

In this hands-on small group discussion, Chrissy Carroll, runner and dietitian, will address the ins and outs of sports nutrition for runners and triathletes.  Together this group will discuss basic strategies for healthy eating to support an athlete's training, as well as tried and true tips for pre-exercise meals, exercise fueling, and recovery nutrition. This session is ideal for both new … [Read more...]

Eat, Move, Love: Finding Yourself Without Losing Your Mind

The path to health has a lot of dead ends, detours, and wrong turns. And no one is handing out maps. So what’s a well-intentioned person to do? If you’re like most of us, you’ve tried to keep up with one too many strict diets, 2-hour-a-day workout plans, and total kitchen overhauls -- all while working a full-time job, keeping your kids from killing each other, or managing your own business. … [Read more...]

Custom FitBloggin’ Jamberry Sheets are Now Available!

Want  snazzy nails at FitBloggin' this year? Check out these FitBloggin' Jamberry nail wraps, designed by Melissa Miller! You can purchase a sheet for $25 (including shipping) by visiting http://sarahscott.jamberrynails.net. Simply purchase a $25 gift certificate then forward the code to sarahlou.scott@gmail.com or send her $25 via PayPal. The Jamberry sheet will be shipped direct to … [Read more...]

FitBloggin’15 Bling is Finally Here!

Let your fellow bloggers and readers know you are attending FitBloggin' this year by posting one of these badges on your blog! <div align="center"><a href="https://fitbloggin.com"><img src="https://149487619.v2.pressablecdn.com/resources/2015/button.gif" /></a></div> <div align="center"><a href="https://fitbloggin.com"><img … [Read more...]

Lunch is Ready for its Close-up!: A Food Photography Mini Workshop

Kacy Meinecke and Brandi Koskie make up a dynamic recipe development team, contributing primarily to DietsInReview.com. For two years they've created indulgent, delicious, exciting meals, snacks and beverages that satisfy cravings to suit a balanced life. But since we eat with our eyes almost more than we do our mouths, a good recipe title will only take you so far. Pictures are where it's … [Read more...]

Sponsorship Savvy: How to Obtain Sponsored Campaigns and Ambassadorships

Ever wonder what it takes to successfully work with the brands you love? Nellie and GiGi are here to help you build the perfect pitch for creating partnerships with the companies you love. Once introduced and successfully acquainted, we will help you figure out how to implement practices that will keep these brands coming back for more! From contract negotiations to breaking down what it … [Read more...]