Who Should Attend FitBloggin? You, Of Course!

Who should attend FitBloggin? Good question. When I started this conference in 2010, I had one goal which can be summed up as: Bringing together bloggers who want to spread a culture of health and wellness so we could learn from and inspire each other.  That is the thread that connects every soul who has ever come to FitBloggin and the reason why we are such a diverse and awesome (yea, I … [Read more...]

Is Blogging Dead?

This seems to be the question everyone is asking. Again. See, this whole blogging is dead thing has been floating around for years. Just do a search for “blogging is dead” and you can easily find articles that date back to 2006. 2006. When did you start your blog? For me it was 2005 and by that time blogging was already an established thing, around since the '90s, if you can believe … [Read more...]

Yoga on the Roof and Smoothies at the Expo!

Feel the fresh air on your skin during this rooftop yoga class with Forrest Yoga instructor Rose Ode. It will be an uplifting, all-levels class with a view.  Find your center through breath work and asana, and experience the joy of practicing yoga in the sun on Saturday at 8 am on the pool deck. There is limited space for this event. Click here to sign up and reserve you spot! Spaces are all … [Read more...]

JumpSport Reception: Cradle to Grave Fitness

What piece of fitness equipment can a 9-month-old and a 99-year-old both use? A trampoline, of course! From the time a child starts to pull themselves up, they learn to bounce (often much to the detriment of the family furniture).  A toddler trampoline can give any child an outlet for their seemingly neverending energy, especially when coupled with the ability to learn. In juxtaposition, … [Read more...]

Sign up for One-on-Ones With Some of This Year’s FitBloggin’ Sponsors!

This year we are again providing the opportunity to engage with your favorite FitBloggin' sponsors in a more intimate and productive way.  As you may know, we have open expo hours Thursday 6-10 p.m., Friday 7 a.m.-2 p.m. and Saturday 7 a.m.-noon to interact with brands, try samples and chat about opportunities. However, if you've been to FitBloggin' in the past, you may also know the expo can be … [Read more...]

Learn About the PostureFit Bar With its Inventor, Dr. Liz

The PostureFit Bar provides health benefits that go far beyond what you’ve ever experienced. It targets the five core components of health – posture, core strength, range of motion and flexibility, bone density and cardiovascular performance and you'll be getting one at FitBloggin' to try with the inventor herself! Dr. Liz, the founder of PostureFit, noticed a disturbing trend of … [Read more...]

All You Need to Know for FitBloggin’15!

With FitBloggin'15 10 days away, it's time to do our big FAQ post. If you have any questions not answered here, please post to the FitBloggin' Facebook group. Oh! You aren't part of the group? Then request membership to be included in all the pre- and post-conference behind the scenes and chatter.  … [Read more...]

Annual Zumba Dance Fest!

FitBloggin’ ZUMBA is back this year and will be more fun than ever! This class is always a highlight; whether you’re a dancer or you have two left feet, whether you love loud music and a theme party or you prefer to hang out in the back and people watch, whether you have been working out for years or are at the start of your fitness journey, there is a place for you in this class. Our celebration … [Read more...]