How Very Pinteresting! A Pinterest Guide for the Beginner and Advanced User

This session was captured by Melissa of Melissa Running It. Melissa is is a mid-life mother runner that's all about chasing down progress, not perfection. Steph Calvert is the work-at-home mom, graphic and web designer and illustrator behind Hearts and Laserbeams. She's been blogging since 2002 and is also a graphic & web designer, artist, and pinner with close to 5,000 followers. … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Going Mobile to Build Your Brand, Grow Your Community, and Generate Revenue

Hi all!  Liz  your trusty Live Blogger here to bring you this session (Lutherliz on Twitter and Instagram).  You can check out my blog at PriorFatGirl! Do you have a blog, wellness hobby and/or business?  Do you enjoy using technology?  Are you looking for innovative ways to expand your brand? Let  Chris Outlay, PhD and Alana Platt, PhD introduce you to the exciting world of app development for … [Read more...]

LiveBlog: Tech Tools (and Free Plug-ins!) You Need to Take Your Blog to the Next Level

This session was captured by Taylor of How to Love Healthy. Taylor is a 22-year-old Nutrition and Exercise Physiology student and smoothie extraordinaire from Spokane, Washington.   The purpose of this session, lead by Shannyn Allan of, is to show bloggers how to improve their blog's look and function with time-saving tools, money-saving hacks and enhancing plug-ins. … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Positioning Yourself to Make Monetization, Sponsorship and Growth More Efficient , Effective, and Purposeful

This session was captured by Paola Osorio of Runnin' Paolar Bear.  Speaker: Dan R Morris, founder of Blogging Concentrated, a nationwide blogging workshop series for advanced level bloggers, has been working in the online space since 2004. His career began in the infomercial world helping convert traffic driven from TV and radio spots into online customers. He has since worked with hundreds of … [Read more...]

Live Blog: HTML, CSS, and Other Code Bloggers Should Know

Fitbloggin Live Blog Diana discussing HTML and CSS

This session was captured by Katherine Holmes from It Sux To Be Fat, a weight loss blog, featuring two sisters trying to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle. Follow ItSuxToBeFat on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. HTML, CSS, and Other Code Bloggers should know was presented by Diana Stewart.  Diana dabbles in blogging, photography, and recipe creation, among other things. She works 9-to-5 … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Working With Brands on Google+

This session was captured by Dawn from When she has time to blog, Dawn talks about her weight loss struggles while trying to balance motherhood and a full-time career. Working With Brands on Google+ is brought to you by Rebecca Stifter from Fit Approach. Rebecca is the community manager and business development manager for Fit Approach, which is an online health and fitness … [Read more...]

LiveBlog: Make Wearable Fitness Devices Work for You: Reach your Fitness Goals and Maximize Your Healthy Choices- Draft

This session was captured by Lauren of Breathe Deeply and Smile. Lauren blogs at Breathe Deeply and Smile about running, food, managing stress, fitness, Baltimore happenings and everything in between as she continues on her journey to live a happy and healthy life. Find her on Twitter and Facebook!   This session was sponsored by Walgreens Way to Well Health Tour and discusses how to … [Read more...]

Live Blog: HIIT Chat

This session was captured by Stephanie Oxenford of Athlete at Heart. Session leader is Larissa Q. Brown of Certified Fitness Geek.  She has a Masters in Exercise Science and holds several fitness certifications. HIIT became important to Larissa because it gave cardio conditioning in addition to muscle building. HIIT is described as any workout that hits the vigorous training zone and has … [Read more...]