2015 Ignite Fitness Speaker Presentations (Round 2)

Here you go, your final list of speakers for the 2015 Ignite Fitness roster. Once again, as a community you came out and represented your interests very well, almost too well. This was a difficult series of decisions to make to round out the best show for the Friday night keynote. Thank you to everyone who applied. Kia Ruiz - Sthira Sukham Asanam (@kiamruiz) DubyaWife -  You're fit, … [Read more...]

Live Blog: Better Blog Design on a Budget

Blog design is a combination of aesthetic as well as function.  In our everyday lives we are all designers.  Look know further than the appliances you surround yourself with in your home and how you utilize them. When creating a blog you have two choices with design: hire Someone or DIY.  There is the saying that you get what you pay for so keep that in mind. When hiring a blog designer … [Read more...]

Blogger Responsibility – Live Blogging

Session was formed partially in response to the Marie Clare article that bashed fitness bloggers as little more that woefully misguided obsessive compulsives.  Please not the author of that article had an eating disorder herself because it seemed she picked and choose information to fit an agenda she was on.  Even though that article was a hyperbole of an inaccurate situation it did help set the … [Read more...]