To bring together the community of health and fitness bloggers, writers, social media users, and industry professionals for education, networking, and fun.


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More than just another blogging conference, FitBloggin & FitSocial embraces the desire to use technology, blogging, and social media to motivate, inspire and foster a culture of health and wellness where we all belong. We strive to bring together people from all walks of life to create a connected and inclusive group of men and women who care deeply about, and are committed to, spreading a passion for health and fitness.

The FitBloggin & FitSocial conference is for anyone who blogs or uses social media as a platform for fitness, wellness, good food and a healthy lifestyle, regardless of where they are in their journey or career. Our attendees are a melting pot of fit-minded men and women who have something to share. Some attendees are on a mission to lose weight. Others are training for triathlons. We have gym rats and folks learning to run. We warmly welcome vegetarians, vegans, carnivores, foodies, and convenience food junkies alike. We may all be in different areas or stages of fitness, but we all share one passion:

To live a happy, healthy, balanced life and share that with the world.

Fitbloggin15OfficialFitbloggin’ 2015 in Denver | Photo by Carrie D Photography


Fitbloggin’ was created in 2010 by founder Roni Noone in an effort to bring together new and seasoned health and wellness, fitness, and weight loss bloggers and others interested in social media for knowledge, personal growth, and networking. The event grew beyond just an annual weekend, and six conferences later has become a community unto itself. With past events in Baltimore, Portland, Savannah, Denver, and a new location in 2016 to be announced soon, Fitbloggin’ has become one of the most important events in the wellness blogging and social space.

In 2015, Roni approached Allan Wright of Zephyr Adventures (organizer of adventure travel vacations around the world since 1997) and Zephyr Conferences (outstanding social media conferences since 2008) to take over management of the conference. This was a perfect fit for Zephyr Conferences since the company already had been running a similar conference called FitSocial. With FitBloggin’s emphasis on community and FitSocial’s emphasis on the communication of sound fitness and health principles, the combination is much stronger than either conference by itself.

Zephyr is managing FitBloggin & FitSocial starting in 2016 and will bring a new energy and added expertise to the event while maintaining the heart of what this event and its attendees have become. Zephyr also runs the International Food Blogger Conference, Wine Bloggers Conference, Beer Bloggers & Writers Conference, Beer Marketing & Tourism Conference, and Wine Marketing & Tourism Conference.


Attendees should expect to learn not only about the business of blogging and social media, but also about health and wellness topics like body image, clean eating, and fitness. Attendees will also enjoy connecting with fellow bloggers and meeting new friends during the many social activities like a welcome mixer, Ignite keynotes, fun run, and more!