Compliment Your Active Lifestyle With California Figs


It’s no secret that California Figs are a nutrition powerhouse, but it may be news to many that Valerie Waters, celebrity fitness trainer behind the toned bodies of Jennifer Garner, Elizabeth Berkley and Poppy Montgomery, is a big fig fan.

“California Figs are sweet, natural, full of fiber and nutrients, and a great complement to my active and fit lifestyle,” says Waters. “I’m thrilled to partner with California’s Fig growers to help raise awareness of this amazing fruit and the importance of fitness. What a great combination!”

Waters shares five new tips for reaching your food and fitness goals.

  • Don’t leave your workouts and diet to chance.

Fit people plan ahead. If you know you are eating lunch out, check out the restaurant’s menu ahead of time.  Don’t wait until you are there and starving. If you have back-to-back meetings, pack your lunch and a healthy snack. Schedule your workouts at the beginning of the week and make them non-negotiable. If you are traveling and your hotel doesn’t have a gym, then pack your Valslides® and look online for a running route or nearby yoga studio. There are always options if you don’t leave it to chance.

  • Strategy trumps willpower.

Most people think they need more willpower, but what they really need are better strategies.  Typically, the same thing trips most people up each day – whether it’s raiding the vending machine late in the afternoon when energy dips, or trying to manage stress with a bag of chips.  Rather than white-knuckling it, have a strategy to replace it. Curb those afternoon cravings by bringing a delicious, healthy snack to work. One of my go-to snacks is California Figs because they are delicious, filling and perfectly portable. Always have healthy options on hand, so you will not be tempted!

  • Bank your fitness.

Many of my clients travel for business and pleasure, which can disrupt workouts and diets. While you should strive to workout on the road and eat healthy, part of the pleasure in life is trying that special meal or exotic food. So to allow a little room for a missed workout or special treat, put some “fitness in the bank.”  Start tightening your diet a couple of weeks ahead of time and put extra effort into your workouts. Whether it’s adding intervals, some weight, or going a little longer, putting the extra effort in now will help you stay true to your fitness goals.

  • Eat simply.

When you eat foods that are as close to their natural state as possible, you avoid consuming excess sugar and fat – and ingredients you’ve never heard of. Focus on lean protein, fruit, veggies and nuts. California Figs are a perfect addition to eating simply. They provide an excellent source of dietary fiber, are a rich source of antioxidants and are fat-, sodium-, and cholesterol-free.

  • Learn to cook a few good things.

When you make your own food, you know exactly what’s going into your body. You don’t have to be a master chef, but having a few go-to recipes gives you healthy food that also tastes great! Check out the recipes here for flavorful, healthy snack and meal ideas featuring delicious, natural California Figs.

Absolutely nutritious; positively delicious. Luscious fresh and dried California Figs provide unique flavor notes ranging from deep earthy tones reminiscent of Pinot Noir to the buttery-nuttiness of a Chardonnay. California Fresh Figs are available April through December and California Dried Figs are available year-round at grocery retailers nationwide. There are many varieties to choose from so try them all. To learn more about California Figs, visit


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