Sweat It Out On Friday With Sworkit

One of the best parts of coming to FitBloggin & FitSocial is the workouts!  To be able to learn, have fun and get your sweat on makes for the perfect working conference agenda.  This year we have Sworkit leading a fitness session on Friday from 11-12 so be sure to pack your gear and get ready for a new fun workout!


We’re packing our bags, hitting the road, and heading to fitbloggin’ 2016! Sworkit is a small, remote, company and anytime we have for a few of us to come together, we are so excited! We love attending great events and sharing the mission of Sworkit, to be the global health standard of personalized workouts. Have you seen our playlist of exercises?! We have over 200 and not to toot our own horn but you should test out our free version in the app store to see for yourself.

On this journey to Indianapolis, we thought we would share with you how we are preparing for our travels and we have chosen our Community Manager, Leanna to give you some insight!

SworkIt-May_48Hi I am Leanna, the community manager for Sworkit and I am located in Boston, MA in a little neighborhood downtown called North End. It is where Paul Revere’s house is so I guess you can say we’re neighbors. I am really excited for my first trip to fitbloggin’ but I think I am most focused on the workout session I will be leading. I really want everyone to have the best time! Therefore I have to make the rest of a trip a breeze. Nothing is worse than getting into your hotel room and realizing you only packed sneakers for the ceremony dinner (that’s what happens when you are always fitting in a workout)!

Here are my 10 things to pack before a trip:

  1. 3 workout outfits that can interchange
  2. 2 pairs of sneakers
  3. Undergarments (I thought that may go without saying but I added it just in case!)
  4. Toiletries including hair products and lotion!
  5. A great book for the plane to take your mind off of turbulence (I’m reading the Alchemist)
  6. An outfit for a night on the town
  7. Headphones are so important!
  8. A homemade directory including hotel number and address, convention hotel and address, and emergency contacts including emails and phone numbers
  9. Business cards
  10. My cellphone fully charged so I can do a Sworkit workout after my flight and in my hotel room!

Well hope this helped and we hope we meet you this year. Don’t be shy! Join our class and learn how easy and fun Sworkit is!

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