Whoops – Our FitBloggin RSS Has Not Been Delivering You Your Emails

If you are signed up for our RSS feed to receive an email each time we write a blog post, the last one you received was on April 7. Since then, we have written seven blog posts without alerting you by email. See below for what you have been missing.

Turns out some spammer in Russia figured out it would be a great idea to include our automated email signup form in their spam efforts. I am not sure what that actually got them except for a bunch of emails from us about FitBloggin & FitSocial. But, nevertheless, starting in early December we were getting dozens of registrations per day to our Mailchimp account that automatically sends you the emails. Once we went over 2000, Mailchimp suspended the account (which was all automated so we never looked at it) without telling us.

So, we removed the form and deleted all the new registrations since December. If you receive notice of this blog post by email, you are all set for the future. If not, we’ll work on getting a new form up.

Here are a few of the key posts you missed:

Staying Healthy While Flipping Burgers and Serving Beers – news about our Thursday reception

A Wholesome Breakfast You Will Fall in LOVE With – our breakfasts sponsor

Scholarships to FitBloggin – definitely something to know!