Staying Healthy While Flipping Burgers and Serving Beers

Scott WiseMake sure to arrive early for the 2016 Fit Bloggin & Fit Social Conference to hear the owner of Scotty’s Brewhouse tell us how he attempts to stay healthy while flipping burgers and serving beers. From 6:00 – 9:00 PM you can register for the conference, enjoy appetizers, and hear from Scotty at his location on 1 Virginia Avenue #100, an eleven minute walk from the host Marriott hotel. (Drinks are on your own.)

Scott Wise is an amazing guy. He started his first restaurant at the age of 22 and was on top of the world. So much so that he started a second restaurant two years later. In his words:

I closed the doors after 3 years and lost over $1 million. I was young, naïve and made more mistakes than I can count. It took me 8 grueling years to pay back all my losses, but, I did it.

He also learned from his mistakes. Scotty’s Brewhouse now has 15 locations throughout the state of Indiana.

But it isn’t his business experience that drew us to Scotty. It was his love of being healthy, even while in the beer and burger business. And he does more than just stay healthy himself, inspiring his 1,300 employees to remain healthy too:

We motivate our employees to exercise with free gym memberships, beer/yoga classes, FitBit Challenges, Biggest Loser competitions, and more.

Scotty’s is a brewpub and for those who want them serves up wings, burgers, pizza, and sandwiches. But it also has a menu section for Gluten Free options and another for Low Cal. So he is walking the talk with his patrons also.

For a quick overview of Scott Wise and his speaking, see the video below. For a personal encounter, join us at Scotty’s Brewhouse on Thursday, July 21 to open up Fit Bloggin & Fit Social.

If you have not yet registered, join us for the fun today!