Shake what @ShesNachoMama Gave Ya at FitBloggin & FitSocial!

What is Zumba? Zumba is the original Dance Fitness Party.
What is Zumba at Fitbloggin?
Zumba at Fitbloggin is the most anticipated and best-attended session of the conference. Where everyone can get together and get down, no matter where they are on the fitness spectrum. Zumba at Fitbloggin is where introverts and extroverts, dancers and 2-left-feet-ers, can experience the happy tears, community and body positivity that Fitbloggin has become known for.  
First time at Fitbloggin? You’ll probably hear many veterans say, “I don’t always do Zumba, but I ALWAYS do Zumba at Fitbloggin!”
Join Margo (@shesnachomama) and her special guests in the annual, shake-your-booty, love-your-body, set-your-soul-free, extravaganza that is ZUMBA  AT FITBLOGGIN!
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#TBT to Zumba @ Fit13 – Credit – Sweatingitoff