Make Healthy the Easy Choice With The American Heart Association

We invited one of our partners this year, the American Heart Association, to share their story on being heart healthy and choosing a healthy lifestyle.  Please read and share to help bring attention to the importance of having the information to choose healthy for yourself and teaching others how to develop practices to take care of their hearts and their lives.

America’s heart health is at a crossroads.

For decades we’ve seen a dramatic drop in heart disease mortality – more than 50 percent in the past 30 years alone. Decades of cutting-edge research and medical advancements have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

But are our gains about to be lost?

We live in an age of increasing diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity which are threatening a new generation with heart disease and premature death.

At the American Heart Association, we’re putting a renewed emphasis on healthy living and preventing the risk factors for heart disease and stroke. Our goal is to make the healthy choice the default choice – the easy choice.

That work starts by reaching moms and kids with compelling information.

Our Go Red For Women movement, for example, has raised awareness among women that heart disease is their No. 1 killer. It’s helped them advocate for their own heart health while also providing funding for gender-specific heart research. In addition, 90 percent of women involved with Go Red For Women have made at least one healthy lifestyle change to reduce their risk of heart disease and stroke. The result – 285 fewer women are dying EACH DAY compared to 2004.

The mission of building healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke includes our children. More than 400 Teaching Gardens have been planted at elementary schools across the country, providing real-life laboratories for kids to learn about nutrition and healthy living.

Across the country – and around the world – we’re working to encourage people to cut back on sodium, reduce consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages and to exercise more.

The healthy choices we make now, and the healthy habits we develop now are critical in continuing to reduce the impact of heart disease.

Why do we do what we do? Because at the American Heart Association, “Life Is Why.” The precious moments that each of us get to spend with our family; the memories we create with our loved ones; the special bonds we have with each other – those are the impetus behind our work.

Join us as we build healthier lives free of cardiovascular diseases and stroke.


Please welcome the local Indianapolis American Heart Association to FitBloggin & FitSocial this year.  They will be at our Friday night Expo from 4:15-6:15 pm to share all they are doing to promote and foster healthy lifestyles.